FITC Toronto 2019

2019-04-29 00:00:00 2019-05-02 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2019 FITC Toronto is a three-day professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC EST Toronto

All Together Now: How to Get Shit Done
Working together is what humans do. So why is it so hard sometimes? Especially when it’s a bunch of weird computer nerds and flaky designers? Some teams gel, some wish… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy Work Better
Mark Rigley
Alone in My Mind
A creative mind can be a turbulent place. An unpredictable place. Wondrous at times, but mostly just a mix or nebulous neuroses and half-baked hypotheticals. This is the story of… Read more…
Design Experiential Process
Alex Cornell
An Intimate Interview with Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50)
Scott Hansen’s two-pronged career, as a both a grammy-nominated musician, and an award-winning designer, is the stuff of legend among artists and creatives. In this wide-sweeping interview, we’ll cover Scott’s… Read more…
Between the Lines
Ever had a question you felt everyone in the room was afraid to ask? It likely will happen here. Get an off-script and uncensored conversation from our host Kim Alpert… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Work Better
Building Tools for Augmented Reality
In this session Dominic and Stef will talk about how and why they decided to build an AR creation tool, the things they’ve learnt along the way and how Spark… Read more…
AR Design UX/UI
Cocaine to Carrots: The Art of Telling Someone Else’s Story
During dailies as an intern at Imaginary Forces, Alan’s director, Karin Fong, would follow her animation feedback with one of the scariest and empowering questions of his career, “what do… Read more…
Advertising Design Inspire
Alan Williams
Imaginary Forces
CreateinTO Networking Lunch
Hosted by CreateinTO and FITC Join us for this networking lunch for developers, designers and other digital creators, as part of the FITC Toronto conference. You are creators, makers, jacks… Read more…
Lunch Networking
Creating Immersive Environments with Augmented Reality
Artists today are breaking the boundaries between digital and physical spaces with new digital media, giving them a chance to express their own ingenuity with technology in a way that’s… Read more…
Animation Art Experiential
Can Büyükberber
Cultivating a Company Culture that Encourages Innovative Thinking
Many mistakenly believe innovation comes from the top – that the “great minds” of leaders are always responsible for the buzz around a company’s ground-breaking efforts. The truth is, the… Read more…
Collaboration Innovation Strategy
Vanessa Costa
Secret Location
Dark Slope Studios
Scarygirl: Mission Using HP backpack computers and HP Windows Mixed Reality headsets, preview the artwork of Scarygirl: Mission, Dark Slope’s first Multiplayer Arena Scale Free Roam VR Experience.   Read more…
Death and UX Design
Sometimes, the job of an experience designer is to take a step back from the click paths, the flow and the pretty pages, and take a look at the world… Read more…
Design Innovation UX/UI
Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin
Sid Lee
Design for Mobile AR: Patterns and Principles
People, even those who have rich experiences in working with 2D interfaces, often wonder about how to approach AR design, as it is a nascent, less defined territory. Through lenses… Read more…
AR Innovation UX/UI
Eugene Meng
Designing for the New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Lunch N’ Learn
Please note that an RSVP is required for this session and that lunch will be provided. Join the Samsung Developer Program for an introduction to the new Samsung Galaxy Watch… Read more…
Lunch Wearables
Designing Futuristic/Odd Devices, Interfaces and Interactions
What would our devices, interfaces and the way we interact with them look like if we threw out all our pre-conceived notions about them? Through works ranging from bacteria based… Read more…
Futurism Interaction Innovation
Dhairya Dand
ODD Industries
Designing Respect for VR
Virtual reality (VR) designers accept the ethical responsibilities of removing a user’s entire world and superseding it with a fabricated reality. These unique immersive design challenges are intensified when virtual… Read more…
Accessibility Design VR
Designing Voice Interfaces
As designers, we’ve made progress securing our well-earned seat at the table. Over the years, companies have come to recognize the importance of design in making key strategic decisions and… Read more…
Voice Collaboration Design
Susse Sonderby Jensen
Designing with Light: The Upcoming Wave of Ubiquitous Projection
With so much hype around device-based augmented reality, it has been easy to overlook an existing medium: projection. Originally known as spatial augmented reality or projection mapping, the technique of… Read more…
AR Experiential Hardware
Phil Reyneri
Digitizing Apollo. The Easy Way to Get a Job at NASA
This year is the 50th anniversary of the first time humanity set foot upon the Moon. The historical material associated with the Apollo Program is generally not well archived. NASA… Read more…
DataViz Interaction Science
Ben Feist
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
East of the Rockies: Developing an AR Game
For the past two years Jam3 worked alongside Joy Kogawa and the NFB to create East of the Rockies, an augmented reality storytelling experience. East of the Rockies is the… Read more…
AR Gaming Storytelling
Amélie Rosser
Everyday Innovation
Innovation is defined as the process of making an idea into a good or service that creates value by meeting a need or solving a problem at scale. This talk… Read more…
Collaboration Design Innovation
Carl Sziebert
Everydays: Live With Beeple
Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, has been posting an everyday without fail for over 11 years. How does he do it?  Where do his ideas come from? Will he ever stop?… Read more…
Collaboration Design Process
Everything is Terrifying
An exploration of the process of creation. We live in a time where technology and inspiration are more readily available and accessible than ever before. That being said we also… Read more…
Collaboration Failure Inspire
Michael Fullman
VT Pro Design
Evil by Design
Dear designers, you’ve learned a lot already. You can make apps and websites, you can prototype beautiful stuff out of thin air within minutes, you can code UI animation, and… Read more…
Design Social Innovation Work Better
Kit Oliynyk
Fannie Mae
Evolution of a Location Based VR Experience
Nathan Jurevicius will discuss the evolution of ‘Scarygirl’ as a location based multi-player untethered VR experience. He will detail the creative development of the game, specifically looking at its origins… Read more…
Art Process VR
Nathan Jurevicius
Dark Slope
EXCLUSIVE: Bringing Spaces to Life with Digital Art
Only available to Exclusive ticket holders, this intimate B-Side presentation hosted by Sarah Arruda features some of the most talented folks who bring the digital world to life in the physical… Read more…
EXCLUSIVE: Creativity Q&A with GMUNK, Kate Dawkins, TYCHO and beeple
Only available to Exclusive ticket holders, this intimate B-Side presentation hosted by Bradley G Munkowitz will cover some major creativity topics, secrets, anecdotes and off the cuff conversations with Scott… Read more…
Exclusive Design Innovation
EXCLUSIVE: Futurism Q&A with Cory Doctorow, Jared Ficklin, Bobak Ferdowsi & Suzanne Stein
Only available to Exclusive ticket holders, this intimate B-Side presentation hosted by Jared Ficklin will cover the ways in which science fiction and futurist thinking can and have become reality. From social… Read more…
Experiential Marketing for Creative Technologists
Go behind the scenes on the creation of three XM projects. In addition to learning how the software and hardware were created, discover techniques for surviving fast paced marketing projects,… Read more…
Experiential Maker Marketing
Hoss Gifford
Finding Your Way
No matter where you stand in life, there’s almost always room for improvement. Even landing the big job, creating something magnificent and winning the top prize can lead to unexpected… Read more…
Art Business Inspire
Jason White
Food: Not For Eating
Inspired by the joy of eating, and the eating of joy, Emilie Baltz will explore how food can be used as a metaphor (and medium) for creative provocation & emotional… Read more…
Art Collaboration Inspire
Emilie Baltz
Emilie Baltz
Future Proof Your Design Career
In the 18 years of her digital design career Catherine has had to continually evolve to keep up. The industry changes from year to year. New technologies take hold. Each… Read more…
Design Inspire UX/UI
Catherine Baird
Friends & Enemies
Generative Machines
Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, talks about his passion for generative art — searching for inspiration, exploring open tools and workflows, and finding his own path within… Read more…
Art Creative Code Open Source
Matt DesLauriers
Going Viral
Justin will discuss ways to stand out within an immensely saturated and competitive platform, and how doing so influences the nature of his work. Focusing on the events that led him… Read more…
Innovation Inspire VFX
Justin Leduc
Growing Objects
Jessica will dissect her attempts to mash-up biology, architecture, computer science and fashion. From futuristic dresses generated from body scans and made entirely by robots, to algorithmic studies of mutant… Read more…
Creative Code Design Innovation
Jessica Rosenkrantz
Nervous System
How Constraints Can Fuel Creativity
We all make work within defined parameters. Sometimes those parameters can feel like creativity-crushing rules that make it impossible to deliver anything interesting. But they can ultimately give a project… Read more…
Advertising Design Process
Laura Stein
Sid Lee
How to Create Apps for Samsung Watches and Phones
Join the Samsung Developer Program to learn how easy it is to create interactive watch faces, watch apps and phone UI themes for Samsung devices. Discover the tools you need… Read more…
Design UX/UI Wearables
Tony Morelan
How to Pitch Your First AR Project
In this talk, Bushra Mahmood will explain how to articulate and pitch augmented reality as a viable medium to help solve problems. Learn about what makes an AR application come… Read more…
AR Design UX/UI
Bushra Mahmood
Unity Technologies
HyperLight Websites
The average website loads over 1.5MBs of content per page, making over 75 requests. Many popular websites are serving over 5MBs just to load their homepages. And these numbers represent… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Chris Zacharias
intuition, collage + design
David will be showing work from his new book, and discussing how to use intuition and your own uniqueness in creating your best work. Read more…
Design Inspire Process
David Carson
David Carson Design
Lifelong Learning
Ksenya Samarskaya’s career trajectory has weaved amidst installation art, new technologies, visual communication, and multilingual type design. Lately, Samarskaya has turned to discerning the physical location of knowledge, and of… Read more…
Education Art Design
Ksenya Samarskaya
Samarskaya & Partners
lol computer y tho
What’s a Mozilla? How come it’s always Hello World? Why are there 153 color keywords, not 151 or 154? Who chose them? Whether you’re learning from teachers or on your… Read more…
Inspire The B-Side Web Dev
Zoe Daniels
Looking and Leaping: Hacking Spatial Computing
Early this year, Mike, Nick and Media participated in a spatial computing hackathon at the MIT Media Lab. (Spatial computing means a combination of technologies that represent the next step… Read more…
Accessibility Animation AR
Making Sound Visible
Audio and visuals are two very different sensory experiences – but when paired together, each can amplify the appreciation of the other, and become one unified experience. This talk dives… Read more…
Audio Creative Code Experiential
Ginger Leigh
Mars or Bust: Learning from our Mistakes
It turns out getting to Mars is hard, but that’s only half the battle. This talk will highlight some of the accomplishments of the Mars Curiosity mission and also some… Read more…
Failure Planning Robots
Bobak Ferdowsi
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Post-Earth Visions: Designing for Space and the Future Human
Today, the environments that humans occupy in space are designed for survival. Humans are carefully shuttled to and from space, and during their relatively short stays, they are provided with… Read more…
Design Futurism Social Innovation
Sands Fish
Psychedelics and a Munky’s Cerebral Manifestations
This talk is an examination of the hive mind belonging to a 20 year veteran of the creative lifestyle. This presentation isn’t a portfolio deep dive – there’s a nice… Read more…
Advertising Collaboration Work Better
Round Table: Imagination Viruses
Imagination Viruses are methods, tools, objects, or ideas that when released can pop hype bubbles, bust up thought clumps, and make space for new areas and ways of thinking. In… Read more…
Design Innovation Inspire
Round Table: The State of Design in 2029
Our world is in turmoil and design is here to save us … or destroy us, you choose. Liam will introduce three topics and frame each conversation with a thought-provoking… Read more…
Collaboration Innovation Storytelling
Liam Oscar Thurston
Loblaw Digital
Sharing Personal Stories is a Form of Activism
Timothy Goodman’s greatest joy as a designer and an artist is connecting to another human being emotionally through his work and words. Whether it’s a large scale mural on the… Read more…
Art Storytelling Social Innovation
Timothy Goodman
Simplicity is Not Simple
Products may be or become complicated for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them “simpler and better.” How do we identify when and why something is complicated,… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
David Hogue
Spark AR Mixer
Join us at The Hub at this year’s FITC Toronto to network with designers, creatives, developers and everyone interested in Augmented Reality. Join the on-site Spark AR design team to… Read more…
Start by Understanding the Problem, Not by Delivering the Answer
Over the past number of years companies have adopted the idea of customer-centricity. People across functions can fluently talk about the importance of paying special attention to end-user needs and… Read more…
Agile Design Innovation
Karri Ojanen
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Talking to Robots
Over 1 billion consumer’s devices provide voice assistance through AI – putting little robots in our homes with Alexa and Google Home, or in our hands on iOS and Android.… Read more…
AI Audio Design
Stephen Martell
Technophilia: Our Calm Autonomous Future
A few years ago Jared built a robot that autonomously rakes a zen garden. That is all it does! Which begs the question….. should it exist? Well it does exist… Read more…
Singularity Design Robots
Jared Ficklin
The Art of Being Bad
How unexpected circumstances can be embraced and turned into beauty Vulnerability is fundamentally generous. It takes the first step of disclosure, in order to render it safe for those to… Read more…
Art Failure Storytelling
Mandy Stobo
Stobo Art
The Divine is in the Details
Making what has never been made before is the heart of Red Paper Heart. A studio where they create lasting memories through authentic experiences Take a peek into their production… Read more…
Business Experiential Ethics
Lisa Walters
Red Paper Heart
The Imperfect Storm: A Survival Guide To Your Creative Drive
The world is saturated with ideas about creativity: brainstorming exercises, design thinking practices, writer’s block antidotes, and access points to your inner artist. This is presentation is not one of… Read more…
Art Inspire Strategy
Jason Theodor
The Incredible Shrinking Budget
Does it feel like your project budgets and timelines just keep getting smaller and smaller? You are not alone! This presentation features The Mill Chicago’s head of design, Jeff Boddy,… Read more…
Animation Collaboration Process
Jeff Boddy
The Mill
The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH
The world has problems that are much more urgent than internet policy: climate change, inequality, issues of race, gender and gender identity, and more. The internet is less important than… Read more…
Ethics Futurism Inspire
Cory Doctorow
The Knowledge Society: Three Talks About the Future
Join three incredible, young, and brilliant minds as they present their findings on topics that we’ll all have to deal with in the not so distant future. This series of… Read more…
Futurism Innovation Science
The Looking Glass: A Holographic Platform for 3D Creators
The Looking Glass is a holographic 3D display made for 3D creators by 3D creators. It is unique in that it visualizes digital content in true 3D without the need… Read more…
Holograms Hardware Innovation
Alex Duncan
Looking Glass Factory
The Making of Freeroam VR
Large scale, untethered roomscale VR is the next frontier in creating immersive virtual reality games and experiences, and it doesn’t get much larger than 30’ x 60’. Come hear the… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling VR
Dave Boyle
The Meaning of Live!
What does it mean to create content in the world of live experiences? What are the individual challenges? The highs and lows and importantly –with live experiences becoming more and… Read more…
Art Design Experiential
Kate Dawkins
Kate Dawkins Studio
The Media is the Medium
Using visual effects comedy, animation and video remix techniques to transform existing content into unique new creations, commercially and satirically. We live in a world where thousands of hours of… Read more…
Animation Process VFX
Nick DenBoer
The Outer Dark
Rama is going to cover a bunch of buzzy tech; AI, biometrics, XR, blockchain. But what do these technologies offer artists? Let’s go outside the glaring spotlight on these tools… Read more…
Art Futurism Innovation
Rama Allen
The Mill
The Rise of the Creative Social Influencer (and How to Become One)
Your social network could be more valuable than the work you’re doing today, because it could (and should) lead to the opportunities you get tomorrow. Your next post could result… Read more…
Business Marketing Strategy
Lindsay Munro
Creative Cloud at Adobe
The Theatre of Space
Augmented reality would be the true ‘spoon bender’, enabling us to add to, modify and amplify the space around us and anything in it, including ourselves. As we create this… Read more…
AR Experiential Ethics
Galit Ariel
The World is Your Button
How do you create unconventional interfaces and experiences that are simple for various audiences to engage with? Video games, improv comedy, VR, art parties, escape rooms, classic arcade machines –… Read more…
Art Experiential Interaction
Toronto UX/D Networking Lunch
Hosted by UX/D Toronto and FITC Join us for this networking lunch for the Toronto UX community as part of the FITC Toronto conference. Share experiences, discuss solutions to tough… Read more…
Lunch Networking
Visual Effects By…
Ever wondered who’s behind the Harry Potter saga’s fantastic creatures and effects, the Oscar-nominated Christopher Robin’s endearing characters, or the dazzling, magical effects seen in Mary Poppins Returns? As she… Read more…
Film Inspire VFX
Laurie Brugger
What Effects Will AI, Predictive Analytics, Race, and Culture Have on our Future?
The ubiquitous nature of technology in our twenty-first-century existence makes it essential to our survival. However, our experiences both online and in real life are increasingly being shaped by racially… Read more…
AI Diversity & Inclusion Ethics
Where Fashion Meets Technology
Fashion becomes interactive and technology has never before been as close to the skin – what kind of possibilities does this open up? Anouk Wipprecht is a FashionTech designer who… Read more…
Experiential Fashion Hardware
Anouk Wipprecht
Working With Useless Machines
Working with Useless Machines (2018) is a critical design project exploring some speculative and humorous thoughts around what happens when smart devices go against their intended functionality. Focusing specifically on… Read more…
AI Audio Experiential
Nadine Lessio
Workshop: Creative Coding & Generative Art with JavaScript
Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday April 28 between 10 and 5pm and requires a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, will… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Workshop
Matt DesLauriers
Workshop: Designing for Wicked Problems
Note: This half-day workshop is on Sunday, April 28 (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) A wicked problem has no best solution and is difficult or impossible to solve… Read more…
Planning Strategy UX/UI Workshop
David Hogue
Workshop: Projection Mapping: 101
Note: This half-day workshop is on Sunday, April 28 (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) Projection Mapping (aka video mapping or projected AR) is a medium that has existed… Read more…
Projection Mapping Creative Code Motion Workshop
Phil Reyneri
World Transformation: The Secret Agenda of Product Design
The reports are in: how we relate to technology directly affects how we relate to other humans, to our environments, and to ourselves. Are we headed for a technological dystopia,… Read more…
AI Design UX/UI
R.C. Woodmass