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All Together Now: How to Get Shit Done
Working together is what humans do. So why is it so hard sometimes? Especially when it’s a bunch of weird computer nerds and flaky designers? Some teams gel, some wish… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy Work Better
Mark Rigley
Senior Creative Technologist, Smith
Alone in My Mind
A creative mind can be a turbulent place. An unpredictable place. Wondrous at times, but mostly just a mix or nebulous neuroses and half-baked hypotheticals. This is the story of… Read more…
Design Experiential Process
Alex Cornell
Product Designer,
Death and UX Design
Sometimes, the job of an experience designer is to take a step back from the click paths, the flow and the pretty pages, and take a look at the world… Read more…
Design Innovation UX/UI
Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin
Senior Creative Director, Digital and Innovation, Sid Lee
Designing Virtual Respect
Virtual reality (VR) designers accept the ethical responsibilities of removing a user’s entire world and superseding it with a fabricated reality. These unique immersive design challenges are intensified when virtual… Read more…
Accessibility Design VR
Michelle Cortese
VR Product Designer, Facebook
Designing with Light: The Upcoming Wave of Ubiquitous Projection
With so much hype around device-based augmented reality, it has been easy to overlook an existing medium: projection. Originally known as spatial augmented reality or projection mapping, the technique of… Read more…
AR Experiential Hardware
Phil Reyneri
Director of Marketing, Lightform
Everydays: Live With Beeple
Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, has been posting an everyday without fail for over 11 years. How does he do it?  Where do his ideas come from? Will he ever stop?… Read more…
Collaboration Design Process
Designer/Director, Beeple
Everything is Terrifying
An exploration of the process of creation. We live in a time where technology and and inspiration is more readily available and accessible than ever before. That being said we… Read more…
Collaboration Failure Inspire
Michael Fullman
Executive Creative Director, VT Pro Design
A journey through the future of interactive art. Large scale installations with a mix of technologies and overarching organic theme. Living environments, generative creatures, projection mapping, holograms, haptics, things that… Read more…
Art Experiential Interaction
Finding Your Way
No matter where you stand in life, there’s almost always room for improvement. Even landing the big job, creating something magnificent and winning the top prize can lead to unexpected… Read more…
Art Business Inspire
Jason White
Executive Creative Director, Leviathan
Food: Not For Eating
Inspired by the joy of eating, and the eating of joy, Emilie Baltz will explore how food can be used as a metaphor (and medium) for creative provocation & emotional… Read more…
Art Collaboration Inspire
Emilie Baltz
Food Technologist, Artist, Experience Designer, Emilie Baltz
Future Proof Your Design Career
In the 18 years of her digital design career Catherine has had to continually evolve to keep up. The industry changes from year to year. New technologies take hold. Each… Read more…
Design Inspire UX/UI
Catherine Baird
Co-founder and Director of Design, Friends & Enemies
Generative Machines
Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, talks about his passion for generative art — searching for inspiration, exploring open tools and workflows, and finding his own path within… Read more…
Art Creative Code Open Source
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Making Sound Visible
Audio and visuals are two very different sensory experiences – but when paired together, each can amplify the appreciation of the other, and become one unified experience. This talk dives… Read more…
Audio Creative Code Experiential
Ginger Leigh
Interactive and Audiovisual Designer, Synthestruct
Post-Earth Visions: Designing for Space and the Future Human
Today, the environments that humans occupy in space are designed for survival. Humans are carefully shuttled to and from space, and during their relatively short stays, they are provided with… Read more…
Design Futurism Social Innovation
Sands Fish
Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab
Simplicity is Not Simple
Products may be or become complicated for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them “simpler and better.” How do we identify when and why something is complicated,… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Talking to Robots
Over 1 billion consumer’s devices provide voice assistance through AI – putting little robots in our homes with Alexa and Google Home, or in our hands on iOS and Android.… Read more…
AI Audio Design
Stephen Martell
VP, Creative Technology, Current Studios
The Divine is in the Details
Making what has never been made before is the heart of Red Paper Heart. A studio where they create lasting memories through authentic experiences Take a peek into their production… Read more…
Business Experiential Ethics
Lisa Walters
Partner and the Executive Producer, Red Paper Heart
The Incredible Shrinking Budget
Does it feel like your project budgets and timelines just keep getting smaller and smaller? You are not alone! This presentation features The Mill Chicago’s head of design, Jeff Boddy,… Read more…
Animation Collaboration Process
Jeff Boddy
Head of Design/Creative Director, The Mill
The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH
The world has problems that are much more urgent than internet policy: climate change, inequality, issues of race, gender and gender identity, and more. The internet is less important than… Read more…
Ethics Futurism Inspire
Cory Doctorow
The Knowledge Society: Three Talks About the Future
Join three incredible, young, and brilliant minds as they present their findings on topics that we’ll all have to deal with in the not so distant future. This series of… Read more…
Futurism Innovation Science
The Making of Freeroam VR
Large scale, untethered roomscale VR is the next frontier in creating immersive virtual reality games and experiences, and it doesn’t get much larger than 30’ x 60’. Come hear the… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling VR
Dave Boyle
Designer / Developer, Globacore
The Meaning of Live!
What does it mean to create content in the world of live experiences? What are the individual challenges? The highs and lows and importantly –with live experiences becoming more and… Read more…
Art Design Experiential
Kate Dawkins
Founder and Creative Director, Kate Dawkins Studio
The Media is the Medium
Using visual effects comedy, animation and video remix techniques to transform existing content into unique new creations, commercially and satirically. We live in a world where thousands of hours of… Read more…
Animation Process VFX
Nick DenBoer
Video Artist, Smearballs
The Rise of the Creative Social Influencer (and How to Become One)
Your social network could be more valuable than the work you’re doing today, because it could (and should) lead to the opportunities you get tomorrow. Your next post could result… Read more…
Business Marketing Strategy
Lindsay Munro
Social Strategist, Adobe XD
The Theatre of Space
Augmented reality would be the true ‘spoon bender’, enabling us to add to, modify and amplify the space around us and anything in it, including ourselves. As we create this… Read more…
AR Experiential Ethics
Galit Ariel
Digital Hippie & Experience Explorer , Wondarlands
The World is Your Button
How do you create unconventional interfaces and experiences that are simple for various audiences to engage with? Video games, improv comedy, VR, art parties, escape rooms, classic arcade machines –… Read more…
Art Experiential Interaction
Kyle Duffield
Technical & Educational Director, Electric Perfume
Daniele Hopkins
Executive Director, Electric Perfume
Working With Useless Machines
Working with Useless Machines (2018) is a critical design project exploring some speculative and humorous thoughts around what happens when smart devices go against their intended functionality. Focusing specifically on… Read more…
AI Audio Experiential
Nadine Lessio
Designer and Technologist,
Workshop: Creative Coding & Generative Art with JavaScript
Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday April 28 between 10 and 5pm and requires a WORKSHOP ticket Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, will guide students through… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Workshop
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Workshop: Designing for Wicked Problems
Note: This half-day workshop is on Sunday, April 28 (Grab a WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) A wicked problem has no best solution and is difficult or impossible to solve comprehensively because… Read more…
Planning Strategy UX/UI Workshop
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google