Isabella lives in Toronto, Ontario and is a 15-year-old passionate about helping achieve global sustainability and stopping the effects of climate change using emerging technology. Currently, her focus is centred around disrupting the chaotic food industry using lab-grown meat, milk and eggs so that we can stop the use of animals in the human food chain. She’s working researching the FBS serum used in cellular agriculture and finding an alternative for it.

Along with a drive for solving one of the world’s biggest challenges, climate change, Isabella wants to leverage platforms such as artificial intelligence to be used for the benefit of humankind. She is also a vivid reader and writer; one of the most life-changing books Isabella’s read thus far is Sapiens. She is additionally an innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS), a program which has allowed her to grow exponentially over the past few months. When she’s not trying to solve the world’s biggest problems, Isabella is eager to explore anything and everything she can, whether it’s switching up her order at Chipotle, or getting lost in a brand new city.