6 countries
17 years
24 cities
134 events
1,935 speaker flights
3,763 presentations
66,261 attendees
93,319 beers drank
Audience at FITC's Web Unleashed 2016 event


Who are we?

FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that capture the essence of what our company and events are all about. We produce design and technology focused events worldwide that inspire, educate and challenge attendees. Since 2002, FITC has brought together like-minded professionals in Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and many other cities.

What is it all about?

It starts with the presentations that are both technical and creative in nature and led by hand-picked experts from around the world who are eager to share and meet you. For our larger events, there are often multiple tracks to choose from which include content catered to a specific audience. It’s also about the networking. FITC provides the platform for people who share a passion to meet and interact, whether it’s at the presentations, in the exhibitor hall or at one of the evening parties.

Who goes to an FITC event?

Digital Creators of all kinds…designers, developers, motion graphics artists, digital artists and everyone and anyone who creates things in the digital space. From technical to inspirational sessions, there’s always something to choose from, regardless of what stage of your career you’re in.

All Staff


Shawn Pucknell
Founding Director

Creative guru and successful entrepreneur, Shawn began his career in 1996 as a Flash developer producing award winning content for Maclaren McCann and later Blast Radius. He was the lead author on the Macromedia Press title “Flash MX 2004 Demystified”, and in 2001 he began his community efforts by starting the Toronto Flash user group FlashinTO.

A notable and respected figure in the new media industry, he has taught at OCAD University and the International Academy of Design, is frequently called on to sit on program advisory boards and judge international and local award shows including SXSW Interactive, and in 2009 he was honoured with an induction into Algonquin College's Media Hall of Fame.

Alfred Park

With more than a decade of experience running professional development events, Alfred is a seasoned pro. He is a master of spreadsheets, checklists, contract negotiations, and dongles. In his years with FITC, Alfred’s responsibilities have evolved to him quite literally running the show. He is a multi-faceted event production guru who knows how to turn an event concept into a reality, from start to finish.

A geek at heart, Alfred fits in well with the attendees of the design and tech events he hosts in the name of FITC worldwide. You’ll often find him tinkering with every device in the office to all hours of the morning and surfing on Reddit.

Jacqueline (Jac) Poole
Marketing, Talent & Gifs

When she’s not attempting to hitch a ride off the planet she can be found shopping online; using her film training to animate Lite-Brites; coordinating events; or persuading you to help with her crazy ideas (don’t fight it, a philosophy degree is basically a license to argue).

Her many talents means that she is equally as happy in Excel as in Photoshop, and loves being on site installing decor as much as being the faceless overlord of social media management. She will gladly proof your presentation, find you somewhere to eat/play/relax, fix your computer, or hem your pants, all while baking you cupcakes as you wait.

Patrick McCormack
Event Producer

Patrick loves to make things run smoothly, regardless of what he’s industry he’s working in - he’s managed operations and teams of people in the financial sector, in restaurants, at music festivals, and at design conferences. That seems like a pretty varied batch of industries - probably why he feels at home among the FITC team. He enjoys creating anything from scratch, whether it’s an event, a spreadsheet, a fantasy baseball team, or a pasta sauce. He makes it a point to learn something new every day. He also enjoys obsessively cleaning and organizing just about any space - the more cluttered, the more fun.

When he’s not helping put together the next FITC event, he is probably playing Dungeons & Dragons, playing whatever musical instrument he’s handed, or DJing a dance party at a dive bar. Maybe just dancing at a dive bar. Maybe just dancing in the shower.

Erin Kelly
Projects and Planning

Erin is the logistical wizard who turns a small idea into a big reality here at FITC. With Shawn as the resident dreamer, Erin becomes our realist, a dynamic that is crucial to making FITC the adventure that it is.

Erin has an opinion about everything, is annoyingly organized and is that little voice in your head chanting deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. When she isn't running an event, she's running long distance races , an endurance necessary to coordinate thousands of people in dozens of locations around the world, and she'll still be smiling at the end of the day.

Rick Mason
Program Advisor

Although known around the office as a geek, Rick prefers to think of himself as a code ninja, slicing and dicing lines of script into solutions to get the job done. By day he sits at his desk wielding the ColdFusion Sword of Speed and the Actionscript Axe of Power. By night he dons his Ninja Rss Suit to scour the web for anything related to making the web a better place for everyone.

Rick uses his ninja wisdom to help compile the technical sessions at FITC events into comprehensive bodies of work for everyone to learn from. If you want to talk code at FITC you must safely navigate Rick's Path of Speaker Knowledge to make it on to the agenda.

Angelica Vigilante
Media Coordinator - Europe

When you were born and raised under a volcano, you survived a major earthquake when you were only two days old and end up living below sea level, you tend to keep your cool in any situation. That’s probably why Angelica loves taming the unexpected. She has worked behind the scenes in the live entertainment industry and enjoys thinking ahead to find creative and simple solutions to all sorts of issues, especially when this involves connecting people, skills and brains.

Angelica’s world-famous “gratitude cookies” are her eco-friendly version of thank you notes. No tree gets hurt in the making and recipients know exactly how to dispose of them.

Matthew Potter
Lead Technologist

Seasoned designer / developer & instructor. Specializing in graphic communication & complimented by extensive knowledge in design workflows and production processes. Toronto InDesign User Group chapter representative, organizer of HTML Toronto, public speaker, as well as key a component of several community driven groups including the Toronto Social Media Café, and CitizenBridge.org.

From intro'ing speakers, to doing voice overs, to speaking, Matthew is a valuable member of the FITC team!

FITC Curator

GMUNK is a designer, director and galactic crusader who devoutly believes in hot vegans and dark crystals.

GMUNK has been speaking at FITC since 2005, and has spoken at over 25 FITC events where he is a fan favourite, and also helps curate the incredible speakers at its events.

FITC Curator

Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski is a San Francisco based technical director / digital artist currently working at Obscura Digital. His experience spans 13 years in the industry, including 11 years in digital production environments. Marpi has migrated between different technologies and media, in both the commercial and art worlds; he has been lucky to work with and lead the most passionate and talented people in the industry.


Simon Conlin
Global Ambassador

Hailing from the UK, Simon's been involved with almost every aspect of digital media since the mid 90's.

Having been around FITC since the very first event back in 2002, Simon's played a pivotal role in the company, acting as everything from master of ceremonies, to Judging coordinator, to our very first ambassador.

Simon is currently a Senior Producer / Product Owner at Globacore Interactive Technologies in Toronto.

Matthew Fabb
Toronto Ambassador

With over a decade of work in the web and interactive field Matthew has a wide range of experience as a front-end developer working with Flash, Flex, HTML & JavaScript.

He was a technical editor for Wiley/Wrox’s Professional Adobe Flex 3.

Most recently, his adventures in mobile have led him to app development with PhoneGap using jQuery Mobile & Sencha Touch 2.

Matthew has been involved with FITC for many years in many roles, including as a speaker at FITC events, and is a welcome part of the team.

Mike Butcher
Kitchener/Waterloo Ambassador

After working in the web for the past two decades Mike dreams in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other obscure dialects. These days he works as a Senior Web Developer in the eLearning field in Canada's Technology Triangle where he enjoys doing systems analysis & design and code trouble shooting. He is a firm believer that Diet Coke is an essential food group.

After discovering FITC in it's second year, Mike jumped into the volunteer pool and has stuck around ever since. Running around mostly behind the scenes at FITC, Mike usually spends his time coordinating stage crews at the Toronto show.

Lisa Walters
Brooklyn Ambassador

The first thing you notice about Lisa is her red hair. The office is in somewhat of a consensus that this is what helps her make the magic and administer the awesome that is at the heart of FITC, our speakers.

Lisa makes sure the show goes on whether that means counting brown M&Ms or coordinating the schedules of dozens of speakers from all over the world. Her knowledge of new media and the creators behind it lend to her ability to pick out some of FITC’s best up and coming speakers.

During FITC events, Lisa can be found working with all of our amazing speakers, ensuring they have everything they need and that they enjoy their experience at FITC.

Akiko Saito
Tokyo Ambassador

Writer on Japanese Magazine and Web magazine like Switch, Web Designing, Numero, CBCNET, etc.

Very active in the interactive in community, she spends her time writing about Technology and Art things as freelance writer.

Very active in the community and a long time supporter of FITC, not only does Akiko help to promote FITC, she also is our ear to the ground who helps keep FITC current with Japanese creators, and she also helps out with planning entertainment for international FITC visitors when they come to Japan.

Bert Hagendoorn
Dutch Ambassador

Bert has been supporting FITC since they first came to Amsterdam. Back then he was chairman of the Dutch Adobe User Group. Today, Bert works as consultant for digital and creative agencies helping them with their positioning and communication strategy. He has a large network in the Dutch creative industry.

Next to his job Bert runs the Dutch Digital Design initiative together with the best digital designers and agencies form The Netherlands, showcasing the best digital work. Dutch Digital Design is also supporter of FITC Amsterdam.

Chris Toms
Atlantic Canada Ambassador

For over 15 years Chris’ inter-disciplinary approach has led him to tackle a variety of roles including web/graphic designer, font end developer, flash developer, award winning digital producer, Halifax Chamber of Commerce “Small Business of The Year” recipient, entrepreneur and more.

As Digital Director at Impact, a strategy-first marketing agency, Chris devotes his energy to client-focused web endeavours.

Chris has been attending and sometimes DJ'ing at our FITC Toronto event since 2007 and hasn't looked back since.

Bram Timmer
Canadian Ambassador

Bram has been involved with FITC since its 4-City Tour in 2004 and has assisted on the creative side of its events since 2006.

Originally from the Netherlands, he has made Canada his home since 1995, moving around its wide open spaces and from city to city, including Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Today, Bram is the founding director of the annual creative festival CAMP and through his own studio, Wild Forest, executes art and design projects for clients around the world. He also sits on the board of Digital Alberta as Vice President, South.