Ben is a Toronto-based technologist who now works for NASA. Ben has been building interactive solutions for over twenty years, starting his career back when CD-ROMs were supposed to replace the book, and kiosks were the future of consumer interaction. As the web gained dominance, Ben grew with it, but there is still a soft place in his heart for Macromedia Director. Ben has lead the technology discipline at several different national Canadian agencies such as TAXI and Blast Radius, but has put that aspect of his career on the back burner to focus his efforts to help humanity to leave the cradle and venture on to explore other planets.

Ben is also the Apollo program historian behind the multimedia website, a web experience that recreates the last mission to the Moon in real time. He has contributed to several films and television specials on Apollo, including The Last Steps, a short film released in 2016 that portrays the Apollo 17 mission using only archival footage, and now an IMAX film on the first moon landing, Apollo 11 that consists entirely of unreleased large format archival footage