Ginger is obsessed with sound. From interactive experiences and installations to live audiovisual performance and cymatics, she explores ways of making sound visible and experiential. Her interactive “Cymatics Theremin” installation at the Orlando Science Center lets visitors play with sound and projections of the sound’s physical vibrations, while her live audiovisual work aims to immerse people in the personality of music through audio-responsive and meticulously designed visualizations. From a young age she enjoyed  designing music videos in her mind while listening to songs on the radio. Today, she turns these audio fueled mental images into experiences that can be shared with others.

Currently residing in Orlando, FL, Ginger has organized and curated the “SURFACES Exhibition” for interactive experiences and installations, and hosts events to teach creative coding and interactive design. Her audiovisual work has been presented at the Society for Art and Technology in Montreal, where she developed a full-dome performance “Interference” during her residency, and at the Music Tech Festival, where she presented her interactive audio-responsive projection work, “Audio-Reaction”.

As as interactive and audiovisual designer, one of the things she loves most is creating experiences that, through play, allow people to lower inhibitions and explore new things.