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Auteurism in 360 Degrees
“Film cannot be art, for it does nothing but reproduce reality mechanically.” — Rudolf Arnheim in 1933, opening his book “Film as Art” by quoting criticism from his contemporaries. By… Read more…
Film Futurism VR
Michelle Cortese
VR Product Designer, Facebook
Break it Down
ManvsMachine is a studio known for its high-end 3D aesthetic, strong design sense and sharp technical edge. These traits allow them to execute bold concepts, leaving many wondering how a… Read more…
Design Motion Process
Fred Huergo
Head of 3D, ManvsMachine
Creating a Better Future
If you are not happy with the way the world is right now, it’s a perfect opportunity to make it better using your creative superpowers. Find out how other people… Read more…
Work Better Design Innovation
Ekaterina Solomeina
Co-founder, Future London Academy
Do. It. Now.
When is the best time to start? Now, of course! So why do we often wait until the perfect moment to begin the things that are really important to us.… Read more…
Inspire Collaboration Design
Graeme McGowan
Creative Partner, Jamhot
Fascinations and Failures
We live in an age where most of our creative tools we use are close to perfection. Our computers, phones, applications and navigation systems make no mistakes. Perfection is not… Read more…
Inspire Failure Design
Erik Kessels
Artist, Designer and Curator, KesselsKramer
From Fantasy to Fact: the Journey From Speculation to Innovation
When science fiction films envisage credible futures, is there a bigger role that design studios can play in converting creative speculation to technological innovation? This talk looks at the challenges and real… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling UX/UI
David Sheldon-Hicks
Creative Director, Territory Studio
How to Tell Your Story
Stories are the glue that connects all of us whether your central character is a person, brand, or company. A good narrative serves as an organic means of marketing what… Read more…
Business Storytelling Design
Matt McCue
Editor-in-Chief, 99U Magazine
Introducing Forge AR/VR Toolkit
Bringing high quality design content into a virtual or augmented reality experience has always been really difficult. Until now…! At FITC, Autodesk will be showcasing for the first time in… Read more…
AR Innovation VR
Philippe LEEFSMA
Developer Advocate, Autodesk
Lessons From Ten Years of Everydays
For the last ten years Beeple has done a picture from start to finish without missing a single day. In this presentation he talks about some of the lessons learned… Read more…
Work Better Art Process
Designer/Director, Beeple
Machine Learning in Practice: How We Created the World’s First Image Genome
TWG created an image recognition and recommendation engine for a photography studio that powers the world’s largest retailers. Designing, building and training the Image Genome to recognize, customize, and recommend… Read more…
AI Futurism Innovation
Liam Oscar Thurston
Creative Director, TWG
On the Brink of Consciousness
Advances in deep learning and artificial intelligence are moving very fast now. People are starting to wonder what role robots will have in our society. While many researchers are focusing… Read more…
AI Ethics Robots
Jan De Coster
Robot Designer, Slightly Overdone
Playing Hard Makes Work Easy
How do you not keep repeating yourself as a commercial artist? Is having a successful style a trap? What’s the difference between a style and a technique? How does technique influence… Read more…
Advertising Animation Design
Raphael Vangelis
Animation Director,
Putting the ‘Story’ into Storytelling
Everyone loves a good story. So why does a vast amount of online digital content overlook the basic rules of effective storytelling? Graham will examine various ways of applying simple… Read more…
Storytelling UX/UI Design
Graham McDonnell
International Creative Director, The New York Times
The Art of Human Connection
In our increasingly digital and divisive world, it’s more important than ever to embrace and cultivate the simple act of human connection. In this talk, Forbes 30 Under 30 and… Read more…
Art Design Film
Ivan Cash
Founder, Cash Studios
The Art of the Short
Oscar-nominated animation master PES will take you on a chronological tour of his career weaving in personal stories, behind-the-scenes footage, and insights on the art of creating. Objective To give… Read more…
Animation Art Film
Director / Animator, PES Films
The Colors of Design Cultures
Building and nurturing a flourishing design culture at scale is hard. All designers have unique skillsets and personalities, and it’s vital for design leaders to be able to identify their… Read more…
Inspire Collaboration Design
Kit Oliynyk
Senior Creative Director, Capital One
The End Is Nigh! A Playful Dystopia
A wild ride through the synapses of animation director, father and overall pretty average human being Mate Steinforth. How does art relate to your work as a designer, and how… Read more…
Animation Futurism Process
Mate Steinforth
Partner / Creative Director, Sehsucht
The Honest Truth About Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is now achieving mainstream adoption and will soon be the largest immersive technology platform in the world. As the technology takes off, more developers are leveraging AR to… Read more…
AR React
Owen van Dijk
Senior Software Developer, Firstborn
Thirty Years in Motion
Kyle Cooper has directed and produced over 300 main title and visual effects sequences. Take an in depth look into the process of creating title sequences, from David Fincher’s Se7en,… Read more…
Storytelling Design Motion
Kyle Cooper
Founder, Prologue
Total Eclipse of the Art
“Every now and then I fall apart” – Bonnie Tyler may not have been singing about love after all. Explore the parallels between her epic love anthem and the creative… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Experiential
Stephen Martell
VP, Creative Technology, Current Studios
Upgrade Your Reality
For a long time, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) were lacking concrete use cases (except porn) and were waved aside as a nerds playground. Today, with WebGL being… Read more…
AR Strategy VR
Frank Reitberger
Creative Coder,
Workshop: 1 Infinite Loop
Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Sunday, February 18th ( Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). In this day-long workshop, develop and create a short animated sequence with Oscar-nominated… Read more…
Storytelling Workshop Animation Film
Director / Animator, PES Films
Workshop: Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi
Note: This full day workshop is on Sunday February 18th from 10am to 5pm and is available with a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket. Miniature projection mapping installations and prototypes… Read more…
Hardware Workshop Open Source
Krisjanis Rijnieks
Creative Technologist,
Workshop: Starting an Everyday Project Using Cinema4D
Note: This full day workshop is on Sunday February 18th from 10am to 5pm and is available with a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket. The purpose of this workshop is… Read more…
Inspire Workshop 3D Rendering Design
Designer/Director, Beeple
World War 1 to Fast & Furious Live
Kate has designed and directed content projected onto a floor of ice, the ceiling of the London Design Museum, the bridge of the USS intrepid in NY and put content… Read more…
Art Design Experiential
Kate Dawkins
Founder and Creative Director, Kate Dawkins Studio
You’re Awesome!
The creative industries aren’t always great for your health. Tom Crate used to think he was one of the smarter ones. He got regular exercise, ate well, he even practiced… Read more…
Inspire Failure Stress
Tom Crate
Motion Designer/Director,