FITC Amsterdam 2018

2018-02-19 00:00:00 2018-02-21 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2018 Now in its 11th year, FITC Amsterdam returns to host the groundbreaking design and tech event on the future of innovation, design and all the cool shit in between. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam


Stories are the glue that connects all of us whether your central character is a person, brand, or company. A good narrative serves as an organic means of marketing what you’re doing, provides additional ways to connect with an audience, and allows you to promote your work without feeling like a self-promoter. And whereas product pitches disrupt our lives and exasperate us, stories provide something of value and are enjoyable. If you tell your story right you can resonate with your audience over the long run, and inspire them to invest in you and your work.


In this presentation, 99U Editor in Chief Matt McCue will share how to build and develop your narrative, using examples from 99U to show how an editorial property evaluates and decides which ideas lead to articles.

Target Audience

All are welcome in this church – if you’ve got a pulse, you’ve got a story worth telling.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

A strong understanding of Tolstoy is required. Just kidding! This is for beginners looking to get started as well as professionals looking for a skills refresh.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How to bust through “creative blocks” to get started.
  2. What will differentiate your story from everyone else’s.
  3. How to deliver value to your audience through your narrative.
  4. The good, the bad, and the ugly of trying to win a girl over by a writing her a 100 (!) page book.
  5. Why a great story has both a moral and service tips the audience can apply to their own crafts and careers.