Web Unleashed 2017

2017-09-25 00:00:00 2017-09-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2017 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Toronto FITC Toronto

A Tale of Four Properties
You can make shapes in HTML and CSS. Sometimes it involves some trickery, like exploiting how borders connect to make a triangle, extreme border-radius to make circles, or layering pseudo… Read more…
Animation Creative Code CSS
Chris Coyier
A Very Public and Overdue Funeral for jQuery
2017. The browser wars are in full force with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox all battling for market share. Resources are being poured into JavaScript rendering engines, and the language… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Web Dev
Luke DeWitt
An Introduction to Test Driven Development with React
While there are many best practises and approaches to test driven development or TDD, the basic concept is that a developer writes tests prior to implementing a specific set of… Read more…
JavaScript React Work Better
Lawton Spelliscy
An Introduction to the World of Testing for Front-End Developers
As front-end developers become more and more capable of building web applications, the value of testing front-end code is now more valuable than ever. Unfortunately, the testing ecosystem can be… Read more…
Foundations Front-End JavaScript
Haris Mahmood
Angular vs React for Web Application Development
JavaScript has enjoyed a strong following among front-end developers for creating dynamic web applications because it’s the fastest way to get up and offloading server-side computation to the client-side. Developers… Read more…
Frameworks Front-End JavaScript
Hasan Ahmad
Aquent DEV6
Animated GIFs and Beyond: Motion Design for Impact and Performance
30 years ago this year, the humble GIF was born – as a still image format. Animation, the only reason people are still using GIFs in 2017, was an afterthought, and… Read more…
Animation Design The B-Side Web Dev
Miguel Angel Cardona
Rochester Institute of Technology
Ask Them Anything: Career & Life Advice for Junior & Intermediate Developers
At this casual, intimate panel moderated by HackerYou CEO Heather Payne, audience members will be invited to join in a conversation between some of the industry’s most inspirational leaders, Chris… Read more…
Inspire Panel
Awesome State Management for React and Other Virtual-Dom Libraries
Do you use React or any other virtual-DOM-based library that you love, but wonder about how to structure and manage application state? Perhaps you’ve looked at Redux, but got bogged… Read more…
JavaScript React Web Dev
Fred Daoud
Modernizing Medicine
Big Bang Redesign: Smashing Magazine’s 2017 Relaunch, a Case Study
You’ve been there: big bang redesigns are usually a very, very bad idea. Redesigning and rebuilding an existing website from scratch is risky and unpredictable, and in many cases the… Read more…
Design Process Web Dev
Vitaly Friedman
Smashing Magazine
Browser’s Castle: Defend Your Code Like a Designer
When your designer’s not available, or – better yet – you’re the designer, you need to defend your code… and your designs. In this talk, Liam will cover Design Principles… Read more…
Collaboration The B-Side UX/UI Work Better
Building Contextual Personas Through Scenario Planning
Personas are an integral part of the user experience (UX) design process. They describe our users, their habits, and their goals towards the product being built. Although they put a… Read more…
Process UX/UI Work Better
Jesse Emmanuel Rosario
Building Progressive Web Apps for Android and iOS
Progressive Web Apps are the new hotness with Google pressing hard to make them the defacto choice for building mobile applications but what’s to be done about iOS where many… Read more…
JavaScript Mobile Web Dev
Simon MacDonald
Can You Just Code Your Way to Fame and Fortune?
The worst advice Pearl got as a junior developer was to keep her head down and her hard work would speak for itself. Wrong! If you want that promotion, to… Read more…
Business Marketing Storytelling
Pearl Chen
Make This Studio
Creating Multi-Screen Installations with Web Technologies
Web technologies have created a new kind of universal canvas – a powerful, open way to put pixels on screens. With careful application of these technologies you can create magical… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Process
Branden Hall
Automata Studios
Debugging our Feelings: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Developers
As developers, we’re used to solving problems. We can learn all the frameworks, tools, and techniques we need to tackle any technical challenge. But when the problems we face aren’t… Read more…
Inspire The B-Side Work Better
Jamie Strachan
Info-Tech Research Group
Designing for Your Users: How to Create a Better User Experience
As a developer, you usually have detailed designs, wireframes, mockups, and other documents by the time you start working on a website. But even with that start, you often have… Read more…
Accessibility Design UX/UI
Clarissa Peterson
Developing Desktop Apps with Electron & Ember.js
A review of the tools used to package HTML + CSS + JS codebases as cross-platform desktop applications; in particular electron-forge and how it integrates with SPA build pipelines.  Examples… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Libraries
Aidan Nulman
Isle of Code
Flexible UI Components for a Multi-Framework World
Learn to build UI components that work seamlessly in every JavaScript Framework. Your core UI elements shouldn’t have to be different for your marketing site than they are in your… Read more…
Frameworks JavaScript UX/UI
Kevin Ball
ZenDev, LLC
From AMP to PWA: A Modern Web User Journey
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML delivers outstanding page-load performance for users browsing content on the mobile web, which is hugely important on limited or flaky networks. Progressive Web Apps deliver… Read more…
Front-End Innovation Mobile
Alberto Medina
From Commit To Production And Beyond
You’ve probably heard about continuous delivery, and you’ve probably heard of DevOps, but how are the two related? Throughout this talk you will learn what continuous delivery is and why… Read more…
Collaboration DevOps Work Better
Arthur Maltson
Capital One
From Doodles to Dashboards, Data Flows, and Docs
Sometimes all of the tools you need are off of the computer. Using visual diagrams can help you unblock your work, uncover bugs, and solidify comps. This talk will go over… Read more…
Front-End Planning The B-Side Work Better
Una Kravets
Full Stream Ahead!
The web platform is constantly evolving, and with it new tools are being introduced. When it comes to processing large amounts of data, streams on the server have been super… Read more…
JavaScript Web Dev
Ryan Christiani
Git Things Done
Whether you are one developer or have a group of devs working on the same codebase, things can get a little crowded and messy. Git to the rescue! But are… Read more…
Collaboration Web Dev Work Better
Anne Thomas
Out of the Sandbox
How Artificial Intelligence Can Bring Hugs, Not the Apocalypse
Artificial intelligence is one of the most hyped technologies around, so where are all those Blade Runner robots we were promised? Although there is a lot of press around the… Read more…
AI Design Planning
Tommy Lewis
Microsoft Canada
How to Build Accessible Products
Join George for a panel discussion on how to build accessible products through inclusive design and what the product development process looks like. The session will include: An update from… Read more…
Accessibility Business Panel
How to Use WebVR to Enhance the Web Experience
With different virtual reality (VR) devices in the market, the VR experience is getting more and more popular by consumers. WebVR brings the VR concept to the web by providing… Read more…
AR Mobile VR
Kevin Vandecar
Icons Are Overrated
Since the 80’s, icons have been the standard for launching apps, based on the idea of a virtual desk with all your documents, “tchotchkes”, and a trash can to the… Read more…
Accessibility Design Mobile The B-Side
Patrick Schroen
Alien Kitty
JavaScript in All the Creative Places
From robotics, to machine learning, eye tracking to generative art or future reality, there is a framework, library or technique just waiting around every corner for all of us makers.… Read more…
Inspire Maker
Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
Lessons of Team Leadership. In Nine Innings.
Budding leaders often come from technical backgrounds. They are the best designers or coders or project managers. Though technical skills are necessary, a new set of skills is required to… Read more…
Collaboration Planning Work Better
Albert Poon
Making Friends With SVGs
Creating custom SVGs from scratch can be intimidating. What if we told you that you can learn this skill and make new friends along the way? In this talk, Fatima will introduce… Read more…
Animation SVG UX/UI
Fatima Remtullah
Managing State in Angular Applications
Managing state is a hard problem. We need to coordinate multiple backends, web workers, and UI components, all of which update the state concurrently. Patterns like Redux make some of… Read more…
Angular Architecture Design
Victor Savkin
Marketing for Developers
“If you build it, they will come,” they say. Not so! Marketing is crucial for anything you build that you want people to find and use. How should you market… Read more…
Business Marketing Strategy
Tracy Osborn
Hello Web Books
Neural Networks for the Rest of Us
Machine learning can seem like a daunting field to get into. Within that field, artificial neural networks have a particularly intimidating reputation. Especially for those of us without a Ph.D.… Read more…
AI Backend Science
Rob McDiarmid
Optimize Prime: More Pixels Than Meets The Eye
The growing the complexities, the more complex the metrics. TCP slow starts, time to first byte and navigation timing are a few of many we use in web performance. What… Read more…
Front-End Mobile Web Dev
Henri Helvetica
People, Process, & Patterns
Somewhere, a project is failing. More than likely the project isn’t failing because it’s difficult, or the budget ran out, or because there wasn’t a market fit. The project is… Read more…
Agile Collaboration React
Bermon Painter
Playing With Chaos
Get ready for some crazy math, beautiful graphics, and mind twisting concepts. Keith will take a tour through the land of fractals, dynamical systems, chaos, strange attractors, and much more.… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Science
Keith Peters
Predictable Web Apps with Angular and Redux
There are a lot of different frameworks to use to build an enterprise web app, among them Angular is one of the most popular. In the past year, Angular changed… Read more…
Angular Frameworks JavaScript
Giorgio Natili
Akamai Technologies
Product Strategy Playbook
Every year hundreds of new companies and products fail, often because they made something people didn’t want.  Seems obvious that there should be demand for what you’re selling, so why… Read more…
Process Strategy Work Better
Kurt Krumme
Progressive Web Apps
Most people feel a lot less restricted to open up a browser in lieu of installing a mobile app. The convenience, security and simplicity of just typing a URL into… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Web Dev
Houssein Djirdeh
Google Chrome
Realtime Graphic Compositions With Three.js
Get a look into the design and development of the realtime Three.js intro credits for FITC’s Web Unleashed 2017. Learn about the tools and workflows developed in Javascript to help define… Read more…
Animation Creative Code Motion The B-Side
Connor Bell
Remote: Hacking the World’s Genius
You’re the average of the people you spend the most time with, so why not spend time with the brightest people from – not only your city, but – the… Read more…
Business Collaboration Work Better
Robyn Larsen
International Growth @ Shopify
Smarter & Cuter Bots
What if we made bots cuter and more intelligent? Instead of using text as fodder for this bot, Rachel will show you how to use Twitter’s API, ImageMagick, and Microsoft’s… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Open Source The B-Side
Rachel White
Smooth Animations for Web & Hybrid
Adding animations to web and hybrid apps can be challenging. Aside from choosing technique, you are often left with jank and less than desirable performance. Objective Audience members will leave… Read more…
Animation JavaScript Web Dev
Alexander Blom
Isle of Code
Solving Layout Problems With CSS Grid and Friends
CSS Grid Layout launched into the majority of our browsers in 2017. As designers and developers have started to use Grid Rachel has been answering a lot of questions about the… Read more…
CSS Front-End Web Dev
Rachel Andrew
Storytelling With Software
The virtues and values of UX prototyping Want to unlock the full potential of your design team? Need to understand how interaction, animation, and visual elements combine to shape an… Read more…
Creative Code UX/UI Work Better
Carl Sziebert
SVGs, with their potential for high-quality and performant graphics, have myriad uses on the web. By now, a lot of developers are aware of their practical uses, such as small… Read more…
Animation CSS SVG
Sarah Drasner
Tech Needs More Men…
… to support gender equality. But what is holding them back? This presentation explores the challenges men face in supporting gender equality within their technology organizations. More importantly, it offers… Read more…
Diversity & Inclusion Inspire The B-Side
​Pansy Lee
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Ten Pro Tips for Prototyping
No design method has as much power to transform how you design, build, and evolve interactive systems as prototyping. This talk distills over a decade’s worth of insights about prototyping… Read more…
Process UX/UI Work Better
Fred Beecher
The Nerdery
The Accessibility of Keyboard Navigation
One of the most important areas of accessibility is keyboard accessibility, that is the ability to use a product via the keyboard as easily if not easier than via the… Read more…
Accessibility Design
George Zamfir
The Fundamental Flaw in Flat Design
Flat design is an aesthetic style that doesn’t use any realistic or three-dimensional visual effects. When designers pursue a flat aesthetic, they often end up removing most of the signifiers… Read more…
Design UX/UI
Kate Moran
Nielsen Norman Group
The Future of the Web Today with Samsung
This talk will highlight Samsung Internet’s efforts in enhancing the web browsing experience with technologies including WebVR/AR, mobile payments, enhanced online security, PWAs, and more! Additionally Damon will cover Samsung’s… Read more…
Front-End Mobile Web Dev
Damon Hernandez
The Hybrid’s Dilemma
Hybrid. Unicorn. Polymath. Renaissance (wo)man. Multidisciplinary. Multipotentialite. Generalist. T-shaped. Full-stack employee… Those are just some of the terms used to describe a person whose interests are widely diverse, skills seemingly… Read more…
Failure Inspire Work Better
The Influence of Cultural Relativism
Cultural relativism is the understanding that a person’s behaviors and activities should be interpreted in the context of their own culture. We rely heavily on this principle to understand user… Read more…
Innovation Social Innovation UX/UI
Ramya Mahalingam
McKinsey & Company
The PM Misconception: Why Everyone and No One is Prepared to Manage Product
It’s an exciting time to be in tech, but the pathway to a product management position remains shrouded in a fog of mystery. Job descriptions are unclear, roles vary from… Read more…
Business Collaboration Planning
Mariah Hay
Help Scout
Thinking in Components
What are components? How can designers apply a component-minded approach to their workflow? How can we leverage components to improve the design handoff? Ultimately – how can designers and developers work… Read more…
Collaboration Design React
Ksenija Gogic
UX Fluency For a Better Front-End
Many teams may have a front-end developer among their ranks, but besides a title or area of responsibility, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact craft of front end… Read more…
Front-End Process The B-Side UX/UI
Monika Piotrowicz
Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Design
The majority of content on the web is words—and more than half of web browsing happens on mobile screens. It follows then that the way we set our words has… Read more…
Creative Code Design Web Dev
Jason Pamental
Visual Studio Code Can Do THAT?!?
The great thing about Visual Studio code is that it is way more than just a text editor. It can compile Angular templates on the fly, debug native mobile applications… Read more…
Open Source Web Dev Work Better
Burke Holland
When the Web Re-Enters the Material World
The web is beginning to spatialize. With the rapid development of hybrid reality tools –computer vision, webGL, 360 filming, animation as well as the hardware such as headsets and sensors–… Read more…
Adelle Lin
Intel Corporation
Workshop – Building and Animating SVGs
Note: This is a full day workshop and will be held on Sunday September 24 from 10am to 5pm, and is available to those with a WORKS or WORKSHOP ticket. When… Read more…
Animation Intermediate SVG Workshop
Sarah Drasner
Workshop – Operation M.A.X: Building a Smart Help Desk Bot
This is a FREE full-day technical training event in Conversations as a Platform, guided by Microsoft experts, where attendees will build an entire A.I. enabled assistant from scratch. All labs… Read more…
AI Workshop
Mickey MacDonald
Workshop – The New CSS Layout
Note: This is a full day workshop and will be held on Sunday September 24 from 10am to 5pm, and is available to those with a WORKS or WORKSHOP ticket. This… Read more…
CSS Intermediate Workshop
Rachel Andrew