Web Unleashed 2017

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It’s an exciting time to be in tech, but the pathway to a product management position remains shrouded in a fog of mystery. Job descriptions are unclear, roles vary from company to company, and there are few educational programs available to shed some light on what set of skills are needed. So what is someone looking to make a transition to a job like this to do? Today Mariah will tackle pinning down what knowledge is needed for a role that is “ambiguous by nature,” and talk about why many people and companies lack understanding of the true scope of the role.

Using case studies, Mariah will illustrate the true value a PM brings to both would-be practitioners and team leaders who are interested in learning more about the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful product manager.


This talk will de-mystify the role of a product manager is in a progressive software organization.

Target Audience

From leadership to folks looking to break into product: this talk is designed for anyone who is interested in a deep dive on the role of the product manager.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Why the role of the PM is so misunderstood
  2. What knowledge do PMs need coming into a job
  3. What tactical activities should PMs be doing day to day
  4. What soft skills do PMs need to be successful
  5. What the PM role looks like in the organizational setting of exceptional companies