FITC Hollywood 2007

2007-10-22 00:00:00 2007-10-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2007 This fall, FITC comes to Hollywood for its second year, to facilitate the interaction of key content industry drivers with the best content delivery technology in the capital of entertainment and rich media. FITC Hollywood is the first conference to bridge this gap, helping to… Hollywood FITC Hollywood

Adaptable Interfaces
This will be a wide focus show and tell of next generation interfaces from both my personal work and of that of Schematic. As users get more sophisticated, their demand… Read more…
Jon Ruppel
Adobe AIR for Interactive Designers
Adobe AIR allows web developers to extend their reach onto the desktop using technologies like Flash, Flex, HTML, and JavaScript. While this opens up a whole new world for developers,… Read more…
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Lee Brimelow
After Effects CS3 for Flash Designers
The release of Flash CS3 and After Effects CS3 marks the point where high quality Motion Graphics work in Flash becomes reality. Learn how to create video, motion graphics and… Read more…
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Tom Green
All The Moving Pieces: Building a Multi-Channel Experience
Bringing together the worlds of Marketing, Art and Software Development, the New Media and Interactive Marketing space has created enormous potential for experimentation, innovation and creativity. On any given day,… Read more…
Peter Cole
AS2 to AS3 Migration
Migrate from using ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 quickly and efficiently to leverage the new features and performance of the language. This session will adopt a how-to approach by examining… Read more…
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Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
AS3 Events: The Whole Story
AS3 provides us with a brand new event model that is quite powerful but can be somewhat confusing. During this session we will cover the event model and how to… Read more…
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Jacob Bullock
AS3, Flex & Apollo: What They Mean For You
It’s a brave new world for developers this year. ActionScript 3, Flex 2, Flash CS 3 and the freshly-released Apollo alpha will allow coders everywhere to push the boundaries of… Read more…
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Bed Rock Revisited
This session will demonstrate a comparison of television animation from the 1950s to digital animation today, including how the future economy of digital animation will rely heavily on its storied… Read more…
Sandro Corsaro
Big Spaceship : Digital Creative Agency
Get a glimpse into the approach and process the crew at Big Spaceship uses to create award winning rich media websites for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Josh will talk about… Read more…
Joshua Hirsch
Branding Experiences: An Architecture of Play
Experience Design: when motion graphics meet emergent technology and architecture to create interactive spaces of physical and virtual realities. Unlike traditional branded environments, these new spaces are intelligent and immersive.… Read more…
Tali Krakowsky
Champagne Valentine
Champagne Valentine is a design studio dedicated to finding creative solutions for a tasteful selection of clients. From concept to delivery our client collaborations encompass design, web, illustration, broadcast, gaming… Read more…
Concepts on Air
This presentation will delve into four projects that integrate AIR with the Open Xdrive API. Flex peeps from AOL Personal Media will discuss H2O, a conceptial appliation to manage, backup,… Read more…
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Creativity Conducted – Wii Remote Interactive Video Wall
In this session BLITZ will deconstruct the Adobe interactive video wall first showcased at Adobe MAX 07, Chicago. Built entirely on homegrown Adobe technologies, BLITZ will walk through the creative… Read more…
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Deploying Video – FLVPlayback Component
When you’re deciding how to put your Flash Video content on the web, you now have two different FLVPlayback components to use: one written with ActionScript 2.0 (AS2) or one… Read more…
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Robert Reinhardt
Designing Online Attractions
Flash has the potential to immerse users in more impactful experiences than any other medium. The more technology begins to catch up with our imaginations, the more our online experiences… Read more…
Jared Kroff
Discover New Ways to Build Engaging Experiences with Adobe Technologies
Join Adobe’s Richard Galvan as he walks you through exciting new technologies from Adobe that enable you to create compelling online and offline experiences. Learn more about a new generation… Read more…
Richard Galvan
Dolby Laboratories
Disney Xtreme Digital (DXD): A Flash-based Entertainment Operating System
Disney Xtreme Digital (DXD) represents a quantum leap in Web-based development at Disney Online. By leveraging Flash exclusively, DXD is effectively freed from the limiting constraints of the Browser. Having… Read more…
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Andrew Rapo
Flash Animation – Workshop
Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Oct 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket. This fast-paced… Read more…
Flash CS3 Advergame Development
Turn advertising objectives into successful game concepts. This session will include deep discussion on the conceptual design of an advertising game optimized for Flash Player CS3, and an overview of… Read more…
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Sam Rivello
Flash Media Server…Not Just Video
Fantasy Football is a wildly popular online activity that every major sports site is participating in. It is a game that lets people join in groups of football fans where… Read more…
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Tim Brady
Flash Video Encoding Demystified
In this session, we’ll review the basic principles of encoding, and you’ll learn about the tools available to encode video into Flash (FLV) format. You’ll walk away with an understanding… Read more…
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Lisa Larson-Kelley
GMUNK will share his latest projects, dissect them proper / tender and show some behind the scenes dirt so we can all learn something along the way. If GMUNK and… Read more…
Hello Design: input/OUTPUT
Dive into their creative process and take a peek at what inspires the team at Hello Design. David will share why he believes concept + execution are both keys to… Read more…
David Lai
High-Power Interviewing and Candidate Selection
A Formula for Identifying High-Probability Hires We’re entering the third millennium in a period of unbridled business prosperity governed by low employment and a high demand for proven talent. Sophisticated… Read more…
Paul Falcone
How Smarter Networks Improve Creative Integrity
Too often, countless hours of creative energy are wasted when the user doesn’t have the experience the creator intended. Often the global network’s plumbing is to blame. This presentation will… Read more…
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James Segil
It’s a Mad Mad Mashup World
Through public APIs, data that was previously unavailable is now open to anyone for practically any purpose. Companies like YouTube, Flickr, Google, and Amazon, all offer up their content to… Read more…
Kaboom!!! Flash Pyrotechnics (and other particle effects)
Who’d have thought it? With only a few lines of very unscary code we can make smoke, sparks, explosions, splashes and bubbles. Creating a particle system may sound scary, but… Read more…
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Seb Lee-Delisle
Let’s Talk About SWX, Baby!
There’s a world of data out there and lots of fun to be had with it. If only working with data in Flash was easier. How easy? Only-needs-four-lines-of-code easy.
Read more…
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Aral Balkan
LonelyGirl15 Case Study
Not long ago, no one had heard of LonelyGirl15. A young girl posting video messages on YouTube captivated pop culture with conspiracy theories. Meanwhile behind the scenes, a new form… Read more…
Making Flex Look Less Like Flex
Flex application has a notorious issue with it always looking like a Flex application. This presentation will go over the techniques of changing the way Flex looks and behaves. I… Read more…
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Billy Shin
Making Money: Pricing & Contracts for Digital Media Professionals
R Blank, Training Director of the Rich Media Institute, leads a session on the two most fundamental issues facing digital media professionals — how much do you get paid, and… Read more…
R Blank
Mapping the Expanding Flash Universe
Jason will explore the expanding reach of the Flash player, the availability of new deployment platforms, and strategies for rethinking the role of Flash in the marketplace. He will discuss… Read more…
Jason Seigler
Motion XML
Flash CS3 has the ability to export and import tweened animations through XML and ActionScript. The creator of will run through the this neat feature and show how people… Read more…
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Chris Charlton
New Features of Flash – Workshop
Note that this is a pre-festival workshop day (April 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘the works’ tickets, or the ‘pre-festival workshop’ tickets. The much anticipated… Read more…
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Papervision3D CS3 Component
It’s not free beer, but it might as well be.
John will go through using the Papervision3D CS3 component and try to show different use case scenarios. Designers and… Read more…
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John \m/ Grden
Papervision3D for Developers – Workshop
Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Oct 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket. In one… Read more…
Perceptive Interactions + Alternative Interfaces
In this session, Craig will explore new approaches to interaction design through his unique concept of “userfacing”. Through sight, sound and motion we can inject perceptive capabilities (and thus a… Read more…
Craig Swann
Premium Adobe Video Production & Delivery
The world of Flash Video has quickly grown into the defacto standard for internet video delivery. This session explores the delivery techniques in use today, and those coming tomorrow. Once… Read more…
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David DeVisser
Reducing Complexity: The Making of Saffron
Geared towards application developers and interactive designers and enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about the inner workings of desktop software development using Flex Builder, Flash CS3 and AIR.… Read more…
Web Dev
Samuel Agesilas
Releasing Globally, Marketing Locally
The heads of International Theatrical Digital Marketing from three of the top Hollywood movie studios will convene to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of marketing to a worldwide audience… Read more…
Sell Your Clients High-end Presentation Services
Why is it that you can charge a premium price for all of your design services, but when it comes to your clients’ most critical visual communication needs, all you… Read more…
Nick Petterssen
The Nooks and Crannies of AS 3.0
For many developers moving to ActionScript 3 is like moving into a new house. Sure, in some ways it’s a lot like your old house, but there are a lot… Read more…
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Branden Hall
Automata Studios
The Photoshop CS3 Tour
Photoshop Product Manager John Nack will take you on a detailed tour of the new Photoshop CS3, showing its features for Web, video, and photographic work, as well as its… Read more…
Web Dev
John Nack
The Politics of Dancing
They hate it when they have to subcontract us.
“Oh look at their work?? And look at Martin’s face…he’s so old!! I hear they’re arrogant. It’s all so laughable!”Read more…
Think You Know What Red5 Is? Think Again!
Red5 is one of the most talked about open source projects for Flash, but many people think it’s just for streaming audio and video. Project leader Chris Allen will show… Read more…
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Chris Allen
Video Magic from EVB
EVB’s Flash developers have found some creative solutions using FLVs in developing viral sites like, and others. In this session, they’ll share some tips and tricks for developing… Read more…
Web Dev
Wowza High-Performance Flash Streaming
Discover Wowza Media Server Pro – a powerful RTMP Flash server for high-performance audio/video streaming, remote recording, chat, and RIA. In this interactive session you will learn what Wowza Pro… Read more…
Web Dev
Charlie Good
WTF is Phlash 5?
Join us for this hands on panel discussion on the inner workings of Phlash 5, an experiment you will have to see to believe. Incorporating Red5, Flash, Air, some musical… Read more…
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