FITC Hollywood 2007
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Jason will explore the expanding reach of the Flash player, the availability of new deployment platforms, and strategies for rethinking the role of Flash in the marketplace. He will discuss how to adapt as the Flash player begins to appear on mobile devices, desktop applications, set top boxes, DVD menus, game consoles, and more. Jason will also showcase Flash content in places that developers may not have known it could go, interacting with a broad range of other systems, and doing things they may not have known it could.

Topics Covered:
• Where is the Flash Player now
• Where can we expect Flash to evolve
• Strategies for developing Flash capabilities on and beyond the web
• Strategies for re-imagining the role of Flash

Who this presentation is for:
Geared towards Developers at all levels as well as Creative Management.

What attendees will walk away with:

This session is designed to give a clear view of the present state of Flash presence, and to inspire developers to explore new ways to utilize the tools they currently employ.