Billy Shin joined Blitz in February of 2007. He is experienced in several languages and platforms including, but not limited to AS1-3, FLEX framework, PHP, Java, and C. He is responsible for architecting, designing, planning, development and leading of top-quality applications with high reliability and usability.

Billy has been coding since 5th grade when he found his first Apple IIe and learned about BASIC. He has 7 years of professional development experience. He holds two “Bachelor of Sciences” in Computer Science and Biomedical/Electrical Engineering from U. of Southern California.

Before Blitz, Billy worked at Schematic (and other agencies), where client list includes Microsoft, Motorola, AOL, MTV, Macromedia/Adobe, GE, Target, KCET and others. He also worked on integrating custom hardware platforms with software solutions, leading teams of developers working across the country to meet and exceed customer expectations and deadlines, and also coming up with creative and innovative solutions to difficult problems, sometimes unforeseen problems.

When not working, he can be found snowboarding, surfing, pretending to be an aspiring photographer or getting beat up in a martial arts class.

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