FITC Hollywood 2007
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When you’re deciding how to put your Flash Video content on the web, you now have two different FLVPlayback components to use: one written with ActionScript 2.0 (AS2) or one written with ActionScript 3.0 (AS3). Which is the right choice for your project? How do you leverage the new features of the new version, such as full screen functionality? In this session, Reinhardt shows you the what, when, and where for the FLVPlayback component.

Who this presentation is for:
Designers, developers, solution architects, and video compressionists who want to use the FLVPlayback component in their projects and be able to make a quality judgment about which version meets the needs of the project.

What attendees will walk away with:
A project checklist to help determine which component (and deployment strategy) works best and sample files (downloadable after the conference) demonstrating the options explored.