FITC Hollywood 2007

2007-10-22 00:00:00 2007-10-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2007 This fall, FITC comes to Hollywood for its second year, to facilitate the interaction of key content industry drivers with the best content delivery technology in the capital of entertainment and rich media. FITC Hollywood is the first conference to bridge this gap, helping to… Hollywood FITC Hollywood



A Formula for Identifying High-Probability Hires

We’re entering the third millennium in a period of unbridled business prosperity governed by low employment and a high demand for proven talent. Sophisticated interviewing techniques are necessary to ensure “high probability” hires in the Digital world, and a consistent methodology exists to walk you through the hiring process step-by-step! This session will highlight questioning techniques to help you assess candidates’:

· compatibility with your department’s culture
· reasons for leaving past positions as the link in their career progression
· willingness to assume responsibilities beyond the written job description
· desired pace, structure, ability to accept constructive criticism, and willingness to work long hours

Just don’t forget your pen: we’ll have plenty of “headhunter’s” and corporate recruiter’s insights to share so that you can use this material as soon as you return to the office! We’ll also help you master the art of reference checks so that you’re armed with a blueprint for bringing out the best in your new hires based on prior supervisors’ recommendations. And of course we’ll provide you with the tips and strategies necessary to take the bumps and grinds out of the salary negotiation process. Finally, we’ll briefly address unlawful interviewing questions that you should avoid at all costs in order to keep you and the company out of legal hot water.