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Disney Xtreme Digital (DXD) represents a quantum leap in Web-based development at Disney Online. By leveraging Flash exclusively, DXD is effectively freed from the limiting constraints of the Browser. Having left JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, JSP, etc. behind, The DXD development team has been able to focus on creating a truly versatile platform to support a wide variety of gaming and entertainment applications. The result is a scalable, modular architecture that provides OS-like features and services.

DXD pushes the edges of Web 2.0 by enabling a multi-tasking environment where guests can simultaneously watch videos, play games, chat, and customize their virtual spaces. To accomplish this, the DXD development team adopted a formal application development process and leveraged Java-style development techniques, including a very effective abstraction of code development from content development.

This session will examine the unique functionalities of DXD as well as some of the development techniques employed in its creation.