FITC Hollywood 2007

2007-10-22 00:00:00 2007-10-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2007 This fall, FITC comes to Hollywood for its second year, to facilitate the interaction of key content industry drivers with the best content delivery technology in the capital of entertainment and rich media. FITC Hollywood is the first conference to bridge this gap, helping to… Hollywood FITC Hollywood



Flash has the potential to immerse users in more impactful experiences than any other medium. The more technology begins to catch up with our imaginations, the more our online experiences begin to resemble our offline realities. The era of web “pages” will come to an end as websites progress into vast worlds that we can discover and explore — online destinations where we interact with environments, personalities, and even each other.

As the similarities between online virtual destinations and actual environments continue to grow, we can find more inspiration from our real world surroundings in interactive design. In this presentation we’ll examine some core principles of engaging design, drawing on examples from places we experience in reality. We’ll then cross-reference those with some interactive examples on the internets—including a look into some of the ideas and philosophies behind the Red Universe project, Best of Show winner at this year’s FITC Festival.

Who this presentation is for:
Anyone involved in the creative process involved with interactive design.

What attendees will walk away with:
An overview of some core principles of interactive design. A different look at the concept of “usability.” Ideas on making site experiences more impactful for users. An inside look at some projects developed at Red and Funktion12.