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Fantasy Football is a wildly popular online activity that every major sports site is participating in. It is a game that lets people join in groups of football fans where they pick actual players and get points for the player’s performance. The game starts with a draft where people in the group gather online to pick their teams. At the end of the draft everyone has players and the game can begin.

This presentation shows how FOX Sports used Flash Media Server to run their Fantasy Football draft application. With drafts lasting 1-2 hours and people coming in and out, this application makes sure everyone stays in sync. And with the popularity of the game on FOX Sports, we also managed a system for load balancing during peak times between multiple FMS. This talk will also include the server-side scripting involved.

Who this presentation is for:
Anyone who wants to gain insight into the technical processes required to build a non-video Flash Media Server application.

What attendees will walk away with:

Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of the planning and resources needed to create an application like this and at least one strategy for completing it.