FITC Hollywood 2007
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This presentation will delve into four projects that integrate AIR with the Open Xdrive API. Flex peeps from AOL Personal Media will discuss H2O, a conceptial appliation to manage, backup, and autocopy all your stuff; Wormhole, an experiment in sharing from your desktop; Picnik integration with AOL’s Bluestring media management application; and finally a sneak peak of a browser based Flex application communicating directly to AIR. Code will be shown and if all goes well, working applications will be demonstrated. Take a deep breathe and enjoy!

Who this presentation is for:
Anyone interested in learning more about the AIR platform. For the developer there is some technical information about code and how applications were built and for the non-developer there is conceptual information about why this platform was chosen and where we think it is going.

What attendees will walk away with:
A better understanding of the Adobe AIR platform and some ideas of how and why it can be integrated.