FITC Amsterdam 2019

2019-02-18 00:00:00 2019-02-20 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2019 Now in its 12th year, FITC Amsterdam returns to host the groundbreaking design and tech event on the future of innovation, design and all the cool shit in between. Amsterdam FITC CET Amsterdam

A look Inside the Lab: the Weird and Wonderful World of Unexpected Results
The beauty of research is stumbling upon unexpected results — and seeing where they can lead you. We might’ve missed out on the slinky if it wasn’t for a fortuitous… Read more…
AI Innovation Prototyping
Sander van der Vegte
MediaMonks Labs
All Together Now: How to Get Shit Done
Working together is what humans do. So why is it so hard sometimes? Especially when it’s a bunch of weird computer nerds and flaky designers? Some teams gel, some wish… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy Work Better
Mark Rigley
Beyond Screens: Design Careers of the Future
Over the past few decades, the definition of a designer has rapidly evolved alongside technology. From print, to web, to mobile, the roles of professional designers have shifted, as have… Read more…
Design Futurism Wearables
Chelsea Klukas
Biggest, Most Embarrassing, Career F*ck-ups Therapy Session
Time to strip away all the nonsense, and have an honest conversation about things that have gone horribly wrong in our careers, what effect it had, and how (if) we… Read more…
Process Storytelling Work Better
But I Thought We Had Buy-In
We’ve all been there: weeks into a project, you discover that you and your stakeholders have wildly different ideas about what you’re building — and why, and who it’s for.… Read more…
Process Strategy Work Better
Naomi Bower
Dealing With Design
CLEVER°FRANKE has become a world-renowned data visualization company, but what’s the mental journey you have to walk as a co-founder to get to this point? In this presentation, designer Gert… Read more…
Business DataViz Design
Gert Franke
Design for Mobile AR: Patterns and Principles
People, even those who have rich experience in working with 2D interfaces, wonder a lot about how to approach AR design, as it is a nascent, less defined territory. Through… Read more…
AR Innovation UX/UI
Eugene Meng
Design for the Age of Experience
Today you can’t find a talk that doesn’t start telling you what impact technology has on people’s lives and business. Technology is offering a lot of possibilities. But also a… Read more…
Design Innovation Process
Daniël Sytsma
Designing a Parasite for the Surveillance Age
Our relationship with technology is formed from how we interact with it. However, commercial smart products for the home tends to treat the user as passive consumers. Smart-home assistance has… Read more…
Design Futurism Interaction
Bjørn Karmann
Designing for Digital Health
Examining our responsibility as creators to design for disconnection. The “restore connection” alert isn’t just for devices– it applies to people too. And it’s more important now than ever before.… Read more…
Design Ethics Work Better
Andréa Crofts
Designing Virtual Respect
Virtual reality (VR) designers accept the ethical responsibilities of removing a user’s entire world and superseding it with a fabricated reality. These unique immersive design challenges are intensified when virtual… Read more…
Accessibility Design VR
Designing with Light: The Upcoming Wave of Ubiquitous Projection
With so much hype around device-based augmented reality, it has been easy to overlook an existing medium: projection. Originally known as spatial augmented reality or projection mapping, the technique of… Read more…
AR Experiential Hardware
Phil Reyneri
Designing with Sound
This talk will explore the meaning of design in the sonic realm. Steve and Pedro will discuss the unparalleled potential of sound to evoke emotions and the challenges in creating,… Read more…
Audio Design Interaction
Drawing It Together
Drawing is one of the most ancient forms of communication – it has the power to engage users like no other technology. Drawing can connect people beyond language or culture,… Read more…
Art Collaboration Interaction
Alon Chitayat
Entertaining Design
It’s Nice to be Nice to the Nice Design for the entertainment industry should be, well, entertaining – both when you are making it and when you are experiencing it.… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
Emily Oberman
Finding Yourself, Over and Over Again
Jessica Hische is a lettering artist, author, illustrator, letterpress printer, type designer, mother, procrastiworker, and a million other things. In this practical antidote to a “quit your job and do… Read more…
Design Failure Inspire
Jessica Hische
Food: Not For Eating
Inspired by the joy of eating, and the eating of joy, Emilie Baltz will explore how food can be used as a metaphor (and medium) for creative provocation & emotional… Read more…
Art Collaboration Inspire
Emilie Baltz
Emilie Baltz
From Agency to Product
In July 2018, after 12 years of growing and leading the design practice at a successful agency Matt decided to step away and focus on product on a much deeper… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
Matt Hryhorsky
From Closed to Open: A Journey of Self Discovery
Midge will be speaking about his experience of switching to open source applications for his freelance work. From ditching expensive software subscriptions to going down the linux rabbit hole, he’ll… Read more…
Inspire Motion Open Source
Midge “Mantissa” Sinnaeve
From Everything to Nothing: Making a Living From Your Passion
“Game over” is probably the best wake-up call in a creative career. Why should you choose a job and stick to it until retirement if you don’t feel it anymore?… Read more…
Failure Inspire Photography
Xavier Portela
Generative Machines
Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, talks about his passion for generative art — searching for inspiration, exploring open tools and workflows, and finding his own path within… Read more…
Art Creative Code Open Source
Matt DesLauriers
Getting Personal Projects Made
Nearly every designer after a few years of working for an agency, begins to think about starting his or her own business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fancy… Read more…
Failure Inspire Process
Irene Pereyra
Anton & Irene
Happy Fun Creative Time
Experimenting, learning, and creating new things is not only fun, but offers a huge boost to your professional growth. Sadly, with a busy schedule it can be excruciatingly difficult to… Read more…
Creative Code Innovation Process
Grant Skinner
International is the New Mobile First
This year Shopify launched in 6 new languages. In this talk, you’ll gain insight about how international is forcing them to fundamentally shift their way of thinking. In the same… Read more…
Process Strategy UX/UI
Robyn Larsen
International Growth @ Shopify
Mapping the Future of Prototyping: Round Table
Try out our new interactive format in a participatory discussion on prototyping — past, present, and future. As the role of prototyping has evolved, so have the tools and workflows.… Read more…
Mini Job Fair
Looking for work? Come by and visit our mini job fair and talk to some of the leading companies within the Amsterdam area. Learn about their work and maybe get… Read more…
On the Intersection of Art, Computer Graphics and Willpower
Maxim wants to share some of his work and life principles and discuss the possibilities of the future of art, sound and animation. He spent a couple of decades decoding… Read more…
Animation Art Experiential
Maxim Zhestkov
Preserving the Human Touch Within Technology
Artificial Rome provides deep interactive experiences. Forever experimenting, they combine cutting edge technologies with a human touch. Resulting in new means of visual communication. Objective Patrick will outline different techniques… Read more…
AR Creative Code VR
Patrik de Jong
Artificial Rome
Projection Mapped Fashion: Real-Time Body Tracking on the Runway
Chelsea Klukas has been experimenting with pushing the limits of fashion technology since co-founding MakeFashion in 2011. Since the beginning, she’s had a vision for a dress that displays video… Read more…
Projection Mapping Design Fashion
Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For
Studio Macouno has been realizing post industrial projects for two decades. Though they’re very busy doing things like creating generative shavers for Philips and designing life size 3D printed petition… Read more…
3D Printing Collaboration Futurism
Dolf Veenvliet
Simplicity is Not Simple
Products may be or become complicated for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them “simpler and better.” How do we identify when and why something is complicated,… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
David Hogue
Stop Looking for Inspiration: Be Your Own Muse!
In early 2016, Lauren packed up her studio in New York City in pursuit of the ultimate form of inspiration: travel. After exploring the world for a year, she was surprised to discover… Read more…
Art Inspire Storytelling
Lauren Hom
Hom Sweet Hom
Studio Mals: Handcrafted Eye Candy
Creative studio Mals creates high end eye-catching commercial images and film. Their work is tangible -preferably handmade- and has a conceptual approach to it. The result: ridiculously sexy handcrafted eye… Read more…
Design Motion Process
Martin van der Molen & Silas Nout
Studio Mals
Talking to Robots
Over 1 billion consumer’s devices provide voice assistance through AI – putting little robots in our homes with Alexa and Google Home, or in our hands on iOS and Android.… Read more…
AI Audio Design
Stephen Martell
The Almighty Rabbit Hole
It’s difficult to get inspired sometimes. We often make the mistake of looking at our own industry for answers and ideas which leads to regurgitation and me-too-ness. For us to… Read more…
Animation Interaction Inspire
Chris Gannon
The Art of Being Bad
How unexpected circumstances can be embraced and turned into beauty Vulnerability is fundamentally generous. It takes the first step of disclosure, in order to render it safe for those to… Read more…
Art Failure Storytelling
Mandy Stobo
Stobo Art
The Best of Dutch Digital Design
Dutch Digital Design puts a spotlight on the best digital work from The Netherlands. The Dutch have a rich design tradition and this is the continuation of that international success.… Read more…
Design Process Strategy
The Influence of Cultural Relativism
Cultural relativism is the understanding that a person’s behaviors and activities should be interpreted in the context of their own culture. We rely heavily on this principle to understand user… Read more…
Innovation Social Innovation UX/UI
Ramya Mahalingam
McKinsey & Company
The Making of Freeroam VR
Large scale, untethered roomscale VR is the next frontier in creating immersive virtual reality games and experiences, and it doesn’t get much larger than 30’ x 60’. Come hear the… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling VR
Dave Boyle
The Meaning of Live!
What does it mean to create content in the world of live experiences? What are the individual challenges? The highs and lows and importantly –with live experiences becoming more and… Read more…
Art Design Experiential
Kate Dawkins
Kate Dawkins Studio
The Power of Metaphor
Making a mainstream film that is culturally resonant, critically acclaimed and financially successful is a rare achievement, yet some filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan and David Fincher consistently… Read more…
Design Film Storytelling
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Design
The Power of Now
The adoption of real-time technologies and workflows for content creation is a seismic shift in the world of video/graphics. It has a fundamental effect on not just on render times… Read more…
Creative Code Innovation VFX
Matt Swoboda
The Speculative Future of Art and Technology
Moritz Simon Geist throws all predictions on ‘market development’ and ‘consumer behaviour’ overboard and enters the speculative domain of Art Fiction. Everybody is talking about machine learning, cyborgs and body… Read more…
Design Futurism Innovation
Moritz Simon Geist
Tools We Can’t Grasp
It is a privilege to live in the era we do. The pace of change is exponentially growing; new technologies and discoveries erupt daily. So many new things, and new… Read more…
Design Experiential Innovation
Paul Skinner
Trapping the Accident
For 80 years we’ve live in the age of mechanical reproduction, but now we are about to enter a new era: the age of artificial production. Neural networks and artificial… Read more…
AI Art Process
Mario Klingemann
Unleash Design Thinking to (Re)Design Your Business
In this presentation Sebastiaan will talk about how UX design is about figuring out the bigger picture. And how doing that can help you, your team and your clients in… Read more…
Collaboration Design UX/UI
Sebastiaan Dorgelo
Workshop: Creative Coding & Generative Art with JavaScript
SOLD OUT – See workshop info in Toronto Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday, 17 Feb between 10:00h and 17:00h (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) Matt DesLauriers,… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Workshop
Matt DesLauriers
Workshop: Designing for Wicked Problems
Note: This half-day workshop is on Sunday, 17 Feb (Grab a WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) A wicked problem has no best solution and is difficult or impossible to… Read more…
Planning Strategy UX/UI Workshop
David Hogue
Workshop: Sketchbook Lettering for Social Media
Note: This half-day workshop is on Sunday, 17 Feb (Grab a WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) Ever wanted to know how to craft the perfect sketchbook shot for Instagram?… Read more…
Art Marketing Process Workshop
Lauren Hom
Hom Sweet Hom