FlashintheCan 2004

2004-04-03 00:00:00 2004-04-06 00:00:00 America/Toronto FlashintheCan 2004 The FlashintheCan (FITC) Festival celebrates digital innovation and creativity, continues to raise global awareness of Canadian digital innovation, and celebrates Ontario and Toronto’s leadership in digital media. Toronto FITC Toronto

3D Interactivity
Redefine the way you look at your Flash canvas and your design space. Rather than a rigid 2D stage or fixed space where you position and move your graphics; think… Read more…
Glyn Thomas
Actionscript for Designers
In merging design and programming, Macromedia Flash offers designers the unique opportunity to control the functionality and create and complete their vision of a dynamic website. By having a solid… Read more…
Web Dev
Matthew Zoern
An in-depth case study looking at the proccess of creating the ArtcardStudio – a graphic layout/ ecard application incorporating video, sound and interactivity. The study will focus on the underlying… Read more…
Web Dev
Minty Hunter
Aural Stimulation
Sound is perhaps the most integral part of any interactive communication. In this session Swann will illustrate the many ways in which audio can be successfully incorporated into Flash projects.… Read more…
Craig Swann
Bringing Life to Flash
Protistae. One-celled organisms. Perhaps the simplest living things on our planet. Created from limited set of parts, and drawing from a limited set of behaviours, protists move, feed, and reproduce… Read more…
Web Dev
Jeremy Thorp
Business sophistication has become increasingly critical for survival in the Flash industry. Zoubin Zarin will look at some of the business challenges faced by independent freelancers, specialized Flash studios, or… Read more…
Zoubin Zarin
Converged Content
CBC Radio 3 produces weekly radio programs and Web sites from its offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. Its been recognized around the world for its interactive work on projects… Read more…
Web Dev
Loc Dao
Creating Immersive Experiences
James will go over the ideas behind creating engaging and immersive user experiences. The idea behind this presentation is not to present the complicated code and math that was required… Read more…
Web Dev
James Acres
Data Integration with Flash Interfaces
Today, designers and developers alike need to know their options for building successful, efficient, enterprise-level RIAs, or Rich Internet Applications. In this session, Robert Reinhardt, Director of Multimedia Applications at… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Delivering Local + Web Applications
Flash applications don’t have to be limited to an online environment. Although Flash has a small footprint, it’s also rich enough to be delivered in local applications. Attendees to this… Read more…
Web Dev
Jessica Spiegel
Designing Realtime Applications
There are so many things you can do with the Flash Communication server: video conferences and presentations, shared text areas, snapshots, time-lapse photography, shared cursors, avatars, video/audio/text message boards, Web… Read more…
Web Dev
Brian Lesser
Developing Games in Flash
This presentation will demonstrate that Flash is an ideal environment to develop online games because of its ability to integrate art, audio and animation and its scripting language. Veronique will… Read more…
Véronique Brossier
Developing RIAs for PocketPC
Have you ever developed an application and thought to yourself how great it would be if it could be portable and accessible anywhere? Have you ever gone on a trip… Read more…
Web Dev
John Cowie
Differentiated Design Solutions
Many design firms prefer to offer task-specific services to a client as a way concentrating to a certain market. From 3D animation, photography and multimedia, to graphic and Flash design,… Read more…
Web Dev
Dynamic Abstraction
In John Maeda’s new upcoming book “Creative Code” published by Thames and Hudson (rel. 2004) I was given the opportunity to write an essay in the chapter addressing “dynamic abstraction”.… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Engaging the Interactive Impulse
Building interactive user experiences can be a very elusive task. This is largely due to the fact that the user plays such a central, yet unpredictable role in this relationship.… Read more…
Andries Odendaal
Enhancing narrative development with Flash MX 2004
This lecture is targeted for creative types who have the courage to experiment with Object Oriented ActionScript in order to create and narrate interactive stories. In an effort to suggest… Read more…
Paul Ortchanian
Enterprise Applications with Flash and LiveAxiom
Rich Internet Applications represent a new opportunity to revitalizeapplication development for small developers and the corporate ITdepartment. We will discuss the benefits, design patterns, and techniqueswhen using Flash and LiveAxiom… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom George
Exciting simplicity
We will discuss the approach and process used to create exciting endresults while effectively delivering simple messages and clarity forthe user. ‘Simple’ does not have to mean boring, and ‘exciting’certainlydoesn’t… Read more…
Extending Macromedia Breeze
Macromedia Breeze provides the industry’s leading web conferencing application, delivered entirely in Flash. In addition to providing a full set of conferencing tools to provide effective and engaging on-line meetings,… Read more…
Web Dev
Giacomo Guilizzoni
Extensible Framework in AS 2.0 for RIA’s
This presentation addresses the appropriate use of framework methodologies and design patterns to effectively create distributed flash MX applications. This presentation is intended for anyone who wants to learn about… Read more…
Web Dev
Samuel Agesilas
Flash MX 2004 Component Development
Flash MX 2004 introduces many new features for component developers. Learn about the different steps required to build a component employing Flash MX 2004, ActionScript 2.0, and the version 2… Read more…
Web Dev
Chafic Kazoun
Flash Optimization
Graphic and code optimization can either make or break a Flash production. Glen Rhodes will be looking at some of the different tricks that Flash developers can employ to get… Read more…
Web Dev
Glen Rhodes
Flash Remoting in Flash MX 2004
Flash Remoting is the powerhouse technology for creating data-rich, client-server applications with Flash user interfaces. That’s the technical description. But more informally put: Flash Remoting rocks, and it allows you… Read more…
Web Dev
Joey Lott
Flash Usability
This session will focus on the latest trends in Flash design, and explore why and how they break basic usability guidelines. This session aims to explore typography, color, animation and… Read more…
Kevin Airgid
Airgid Media Inc.
FlashCom Server & Multi-Player Games
This presentation will outline many of my experiences in using FlashComm to create multi-player web-based games. It will focus on many of the dos and donts that I have learned… Read more…
Web Dev
Brian Robbins
Flex: Building on standards
Creating enterprise applications that leverage existing infrastructure is part of what Flex, aka: Royale, is all aboot. This session will present an actual case study of building an application using… Read more…
Web Dev
Beau Ambur
Ford F150 Microsite Deconstructed
Join 2Advanced Studios’ Shane Mielke as he walks you through hisdevelopment process of the innovative Ford F150 Microsite that combinescutting-edge Flash design with video. Shane will share his own technicaltips… Read more…
Shane Mielke
Form+Function [Revealing the Pink Elephant]. The one9ine discussion will focus on the exploration into creating human, tactile interface structures in an age of dynamic content. We will touch on issues… Read more…
FUN-de-MENTAL Techniques for Debugging Complex Flash
As more and more developers begin to discover the power of ActionScript and step away from timeline-based programming it becomes more and more important to understand how to test your… Read more…
Web Dev
Kevin Towes
g94 behind the scenes
group94 founder Pascal Leroy will offer up a world exclusive preview of thebrand new website for the global design community WellVetted.com portal. Thenew WV site will receive a complete makeover… Read more…
Web Dev
Pascal Leroy
Implementing Multiple Undo/Redo in Flash
Undo capabilities are an essential part of creating user friendly applications. This functionality is particularly important in applications with non-familiar or non-standard interfaces, which currently describes most Flash applications. In… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
James and Amit have been collaborating for the past four years as Insertsilence, realizing their shared vision of audio-visual synthesis. In this session, Paterson and Pitaru will provide a behind-the-scenes… Read more…
James Paterson
Inspired 1
Due to demand there will be two sessions on this topic. Both will cover the same subject matter but the speakers will change. This is the first panel. Where does… Read more…
Intentionally left blank
Ben Radatz of MK12 and Dean DiSimone of KDLAB will be showing recent work and unpublished collaborative ideas in this presentation about their design practices, inspirations, and the design culture… Read more…
Interactive design & the outside world
For years the majority of user interaction with computers has been through one of 2 ways: the mouse and the keyboard. But there are other ways to interact with machines.… Read more…
Web Dev
Brendan Dawes
Introduction to Macromedia Central
Macromedia Central is a new environment for running Flash based internet applications on the desktop. Mike will give an overview of Macromedia Central, and then will walk though the steps… Read more…
Mike Chambers
Inventive Interaction
Creating engaging experiences is not solely the domain of either design or technology, but rather the result of combining the two in interesting ways. Exploring means by which these two… Read more…
Erik Natzke
Know why.
There is no more certain sign of insanity than doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. [Albert Einstein ]
Tales about closing the browser… Read more…
Macromedia Keynote
In his keynote address, Kevin Lynch, chief software architect for Macromedia, will share his vision for the future direction of Flash and computing, and the pivotal role that design and… Read more…
Kevin Lynch
Motion Design: concept to execution
From commercials to high-end web design to network graphic packages, learn the format and process for designing and executing motion graphics. In this session, we will be discussing the development… Read more…
Jody Poole
OOP in ActionScript 2.0
Explore object-oriented programming in ActionScript 2.0 and discover patterns, tips and pitfalls. ActionScript 2.0 is designed for building more robust and maintainable applications. With a syntax similar to Java and… Read more…
Web Dev
Dave Yang
Open Source Component Framework
The v2 component framework in Flash MX 2004 works well for large scale RIAs, but is often overkill for other kinds of Flash projects. In addition, there many common problems… Read more…
Web Dev
Branden Hall
Automata Studios
PILLS for the creative mind
To spark the flat out days, get a jar of these powerfull instant latency lot of suggestions, PILLS for short: Stay inventive? More creative? Maintain inspiration? Industrious strategies? Blazing concepts?… Read more…
Carole Guevin
Pixels and pencils
The implementation of handmade elements in digital pieces. Read more…
Karen Ingram
A showcase that will focus on the projects created by Joost Korngold.A walk thru both personal and commercial projects, which will give you insight on its creation. The main focus… Read more…
Joost Korngold
Google Daydream
RIA’s With Multiple Technologies
Thinking Outside The Can: RIAs With Multiple Technologies
Jesse Skinner will take us under the hood of a hybrid RIA and address the concept of how to extend the… Read more…
Web Dev
Jesse Skinner
Selling New Tech to Old-Fashioned Clients
Take your client by the hand and guide them to the forefrontof new technology. This session will discuss how to transform even the mosttimid, risk-averse client into Inspector Gadget. This… Read more…
Catharine Devlin
Static System Document #2
Static System Document #2 will illustrate the process of creating a collaborative piece. We intend to outline the good and bad consequences involved in a collaborative creation process, which entails… Read more…
Studies in Shared Experiences
Join Colin Moock as he presents his latest explorations in the field of multiuser content. From the practical to the artistic, Moock discusses the challenges of creating a shared environment… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Success Starts with the User
In this session Chris MacGregor explains the User Centric Development Process for ensuring that good usability is end result of your development process and not and afterthought. We will look… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris MacGregor
The Art of the Interactive Storyteller
As the storytellers of our generation, we are just learning how to tell a story. In this presentation, Tom starts with an Innuit storyteller from Canada’s Arctic Circle and walks… Read more…
Tom Green
The Central Opportunity
Soon the first killer Central app will elevate Macromedia Central to the status of the browser and clients will begin to demand Central apps. Until then there’s an opportunity for… Read more…
Web Dev
Phillip Kerman
The Drawing AP-What?
The Drawing API developed for Flash MX created a whole new line of thinking for digital artists. Freeing a broad canvas before constricted by graphics that were pre-determined by the… Read more…
The Narrative Median
As designers, our ultimate goal is to solve problems. Information overload, graphic bombardment, and exponential technologies are leading us towards a perpetually misinformed and confused society. Ultimately, it is the… Read more…
Jason Taylor
The Other Media
This presentation will focus on audio production in a primarily digital environment while also examining the communication between audio producers and filmmakers/designers. In an attempt to deconstruct the dialogue between… Read more…
Jeremy Goldstein
The premature failure of Flash
Flash design has been limited by its own success, there should be no ground rules in any aspect of flash design. User interaction, structure, copy and site navigation should not… Read more…
Web Dev
Weaving Your Web
Outline successful history of conception, launch, production, and completion of Broken Saints  the award-winning 24-part Flash animated graphic novel completed in July 2003.
Discuss specifics of demographics, targeting… Read more…
Brooke Burgess
Web Services in Flash MX 2004
This session will talk about the why’s and how’s of using web services in Flash MX 2004. You will learn how to analyze a WSDL and create visual interfaces for… Read more…
Web Dev
Vera Fleischer
Welcome to Flex
Learn how Macromedia’s technology initiative, “Flex” fits seamlessly into today’s new service-oriented architectures (SOA). Macromedia Flex is a new server product that addresses the requirements of enterprise programmers who want… Read more…
Web Dev
Brian Donovan
WeWorkForThem & YouWorkForThem & They..
YouWorkForThem is set to publish two DVDS in 2004, Myra & Enter theDragon. First, they will be showing the full version of MYRA, a set ofexperimental and commercial broadcast work… Read more…
Work like a Machine: Flash Extensibility
In any Flash project, bottlenecks occur in the production phase. During production, there are many hands involved doing everything from animation to coding to preparing images. As files change hands… Read more…
Web Dev
Tony MacDonell
It is not very difficult to put together a team of Flash Designers and Developers to turn an idea into reality, but at what cost, that tangible and quantifiable obstacle… Read more…
Parth Upadhye