Dave Yang is an independent interactive developer, consultant, and founder of Quantumwave Interactive Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He lives on the bleeding edge of technology, replacing band-aids once in a while, figuring out newer and better solutions to solve problems for work and play. He finds balance while keeping his eyes on new horizons and directions, and not to fall too hard. He is enjoying Flash Lite 2, ActionScript 3.0, Ruby on Rails, mobile development and other geeky stuff.

For work, he was the technical director and lead developer for companies in the U.S. & Canada, developed mobile and rich internet applications, games, interactive kiosks, commercial and eLearning software for organizations such as: Adobe, AOL, Art Gallery of Ontario, Discovery Channel, Disney, Government of Canada, Kraft, McDonald’s, NBA, Rogers Communications, Verizon Wireless and The Weather Channel.

As a speaker at conferences such as Adobe MAX, Flash In The Can, Flash Forward, IBM Blue Horizon, CFNorth and MXNorth, he met many interesting people who share similar interests. As an instructor and occasional lecturer for post-graduate students, he learned much in return. As technical editor for various programming books, he couldn’t persuade himself to writing one of his own. As a member of the Macromedia/Adobe Flash advisory board, he offers ideas on upcoming products but is humbled by many smart people.

For play, his 10-year-old son thinks his dad is better at gaming. 😎

His blog is named swfoo for the simple reason that it ends with the word FOO (even though it started off as an object-oriented resource blog for Flash developers).

Dave Yang is a Canadian / Toronto Flash Developer / Designer.