FITC Hollywood 2006

2006-10-05 00:00:00 2006-10-08 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2006 With the explosion of rich media and entertainment-driven Flash content, FITC is expanding to Hollywood, the capital of entertainment and rich media, providing a direct bridge from the key content industry drivers to the masters of the best technology to deliver that content. FITC Hollywood… Hollywood FITC Hollywood

After Effects for Flash Designers
In this one hour session you will discover that Flash and After Effects, when combined, are a motion graphics power house. From animated text effects, alpha channel video creation to… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom Green
An Indepth Look at ActionScript 3
After three years of engineering, Adobe has released Flash Player 9 and the latest update to the ActionScript language, ActionScript 3. ActionScript 3 is one of the most ambitious language… Read more…
Web Dev
Daniel Dura
Are You a Freelancer or a Business?
What are the real differences between being a freelancer and owning a business? We will cover techniques to assess goals, working style, strengths and weaknesses, and desired lifestyle to decide… Read more…
Behind the Bunnies: Creative Process, Production Process
This workshop explores what we might call the “Extremely scaled down,” the “Ultra Lo-Fi,” or the “One-Man-Band” workflow. Jennifer Shiman, creator of 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, will screen selected bunnies shorts… Read more…
Jennifer Shiman
Building Commercial Sites with Streaming Content
Most developers and business owners do not realize full extent of building and running a commercial site with streaming content. In this presentation Daniel Kremsa will outline best practices and… Read more…
Daniel Kremsa
Building the Right Contract: Advice for Rich Media Freelancers and Small Agencies
(Note: this is a 3 hour mini workshop) Far too many people — freelancers, contractors and businesses — see contracts as a major burden, or significant cost, to be avoided,… Read more…
R Blank
Cell Phone Interactivity: Harnessing the Universal Input Device
Today, phones are no longer just a means of communication from one person to another; they are an interactive experience that many people today utilize everyday. In this presentation we… Read more…
Web Dev
Jacob Bullock
Client Service Tips and Tricks
In today¹s competitive marketplace, outstanding customer service lies at the heart of sustainable customer loyalty. Markus shares his experience, techniques and guidelines for working with demanding agencies, coping with angry… Read more…
Markus Almer
Convergence: A Sense of Place
Screen portals and navigation spaces are becoming virtual “places” to browse, play, communicate, and watch. And in these new spaces, different media can overlap, with TV entering the game space,… Read more…
Dale Hergistad
Creating Flash Lite 2 Video Applications
In this session, you will learn how to incorporate video into your Flash Lite 2 applications using the new features of Flash Lite Player 2 and the Flash Lite 2… Read more…
Web Dev
James Talbot
Creating Large Scale Interactive Web Experiences
As budget dollars shift away from traditional advertising channels, the web has become, for many brands, the central point from which to communicate their message. Client’s expectations, however, still remain… Read more…
Adam Boozer
Cross-Pollination: Collaboration & the Creative Process
Born Magazine curator Scott Benish and a panel of interactive designers will share experiences and thoughts on the creative process within a collaborative context. The panel will discuss the tribulations… Read more…
Design with Flash Video – Mini-Workshop
(Note: This session is a 3 hour mini workshop.) Since its release last year, Flash 8 Video has quickly become the darling of the entertainment industry. In this session, Robert… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Designing Rich Media: Traditional Motion Graphics and Film Techniques
The New Flash production workflow is quickly following the path of traditional Film and Motion Graphics production. With new video, filter-effects, and animation techniques the Flash landscape has rapidly evolved… Read more…
Web Dev
Danny Riddell
Dimensions of Interactive Development
This fast paced session is focused on today’s need for vastly multi-disciplinary skillet an agency must utilize in order to deliver memorable experiences. We cover these disciplines, tools and processes… Read more…
Enriching Media | Think. Create. Play.
Our talk will focus on the business side of working in the industry. Key topics we will address will include:
– managing creatives
– client / vendor relationship… Read more…
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Game Development But Were Afraid to Ask
This session is a case study of « Lord of the rings Battle for middle earth 2 » multi-users tactical flash game, created for EA Games. Francis deconstructs this game,… Read more…
Web Dev
Francis Bourre
Docler Holding
Exploring 3D Animation in Adobe After Effects
For those Flash designers longing to crack the “Z” axis, this session will show you how to get started adding the third dimension to your Flash projects using Adobe After… Read more…
Web Dev
Bob Donlon
Flash 8 Game Development
Learn Adobe Flash 8 Game Development; from initial game design, through development to deployment. Lecture and review of specific code samples will showcase the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Flash… Read more…
Web Dev
Sam Rivello
Flash 8 Video Workshop
This is one of the Pre-Festival full day Workshops being held on Oct 4th. Please See our ticket info page for more info. -It is HIGHLY recommended that you have… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Flash and FLEX can hold hands
Prior experience with Flash is a must, experience with Flex or AS3 is recommended although not required. Flex is the new kid on the block and to many Flash developers… Read more…
Web Dev
Flash and the Adobe Engagement Platform
In his keynote address, Mike Downey, Sr. Product Manager for Flash at Adobe, will share Adobe’s vision for the future direction of Flash and the pivotal role it plays in… Read more…
Mike Downey
Flash Media Server based Applications for Entertainment Marketing
Jerry Chabolla co-founder and lead Flash Developer of Influxis Flash Media Server Hosting services will demonstrate and explain community applications made possible with Flash using the Flash Media Server 2… Read more…
Jerry Chabolla
Flash Video Streaming
Looking to stream some flash video? Already streaming but have some questions? This panel discussion will take Q&A from the audience and will aim to cover all aspects of this… Read more…
Web Dev
(Note: This session is a 3 hour mini workshop.) Flex brings a solid foundation of application development to the Flash platform. With a solid framework, tools, and workflow. Flex is… Read more…
Web Dev
Chafic Kazoun
FLEX 2 Workshop
his is one of the Pre-Festival full day Workshops being held on Oct 4th. Please See our ticket info page for more info. Flex brings a solid foundation of application… Read more…
Web Dev
Chafic Kazoun
Freelance: The Straight Dope on Working Independently
This panel discussion will take Q&A from the audience and explore the pros and cons of working as a freelancer in this industry. From how to deal with clients, how… Read more…
From Screen to Space: Exploring the Emerging Field of Interactive Exhibit and Environment Design
Interactivity is rapidly moving into the world of architecture and exhibit design, creating immersive experiences that engage a user through all their senses by communicating with sight, sound and touch.… Read more…
Nikolai Cornell
GMUNK will focus on the Processes and Techniques of Broadcast Design and Videography.. He will show countless storyboards and how design ideas go through the necessary steps to a completed… Read more…
This presentation will take a look at the processes, benefits and challenges of creating commercial and personal work the context of a small motion design studio. We will look to… Read more…
Ron Gervais
Live Sports: stats, graphics and games
This presentation shows what Fox Sports does in Flash to give sports fans a rich experience for live events without using video. Fox Sports offers live scores and stats as… Read more…
Web Dev
Tim Brady
Making IM Plugins with Flash
Creating multi-user applications can be challenging for frontend developers that aren’t comfortable with server solutions. However with Instant Messaging services starting to release plugin systems, you can create realtime two-user… Read more…
Web Dev
Justin Everett-Church
Making Things Move with AS3
Back in the early days of Flash, ActionScript was easy. You opened up the IDE, drew some shapes, typed some code, and hit Control-Enter. Voila! A masterpiece. What you could… Read more…
Web Dev
Keith Peters
Mashup Baby!
The internet is a goldmine of data. Almost every week, sites all over the web are offering new APIs that allow developers to retrieve their information in a convenient way.… Read more…
Mario Klingemann
Mashup Marketing with Yahoo! Maps APIs
Yahoo!’s Flash Map API gives Flash, Flex 2 and JavaScript developers the power to integration custom maps into their own signature application. Charles Freedman, Sr. Flash developer for Yahoo! maps,… Read more…
Web Dev
Charles Freedman
Mobile Mini-Workshop
(Note: This session is a 3 hour mini workshop.) Mobile devices now offer something new, the ability to create and distribute Flash that fits in your pocket. This workshop will… Read more…
Web Dev
Beau Ambur
Mobile Workshop
This is one of the Pre-Festival full day Workshops being held on Oct 4th. Mobile devices now offer something new, the ability to create and distribute Flash that fits in… Read more…
Web Dev
Beau Ambur
Multilingual SWF’s
Multilingual content has been supported in Flash since MX. Flash 8 simplified the production needed to design/develop multilingual SWF’s. We’ll be covering Flash 8’s String panel and using earth And… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Charlton
New Works
This presentation will showcase the latest work of Joshua Davis studios. Who this presentation is for:Anyone who has an interest in the creative process of Joshua Davis. What attendees will… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Optimizing your Streaming Flash delivery
Have you ever run into issues crossing corporate proxies when streaming Flash video? What are the most robust and efficient methods for integrating a CDN reliably into your streaming Flash… Read more…
Web Dev
Thierry Curis
Photoshop to Flash: Optimizing Pixels and Workflow
Now that Adobe and Macromedia have merged, getting Photoshop and Flash to play together nicely is more relevant than ever. Getting a layered Photoshop document into Flash continues to be… Read more…
Web Dev
Michael Ninness
Playing With Yourself (For Fun and Profit)
Focused experimentation is one of the best ways to develop your professional skills and gain recognition in the Flash community. This session will examine digital art and the role it… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
Practical Effects vs. Special Effects
This session covers a variety of practical uses for Flash 8’s “Expressive Features” that would otherwise appear in gratuitous special effects and eye candy. Learn how to use the BitmapData… Read more…
Web Dev
Phillip Kerman
Process and Production
Buck will showcase current and past projects. Our design and production process will be covered including conceptual ideas from first meetings through to client delivery. This will also include all… Read more…
Publishing, Flash and the PSP : Real World Perspective
Blaine Graboyes, President of Silver Platter the indie UMD label and award-winning Media Architect, will share his knowledge of the PlayStation Portable, which now includes Flash playback, as well as… Read more…
Blaine Graboyes
Rapid Web Site Creation
Often designers find themselves facing a project that has no flexibility with time, budget or asset resources — yet, they have no options but to try their best to pull… Read more…
Jacob Robinson
Red 5: The Revolution Will Be Streamed
Red5 is the open source option for streaming media to the flash player. It’s one of the hottest open source projects out there and the Red5 team will be showing… Read more…
Web Dev
Rich Media Entertainment
Big Spaceship will take you on a journey into the world of Hollywood entertainment, showcasing recent productions. We’ll be focusing on challenges in Flash, high level video integration and sharing… Read more…
Rich Media vs. Dick Media: Which one is your friend?
This presentation will discuss the online advertising options available today, positioning “Rich Media” as the ideal vehicle for branding. Playing up the key feature benefits of Rich Media versus its… Read more…
Christian Spinillo
Rock on flash \m/
If you remember the first time you tried Flash and the excitement over your first SWF, then you’ll definitely enjoy this presentation! Everything from old school 3D techniques with bitmaps… Read more…
Web Dev
John \m/ Grden
Streamlining your Animation workflow
It’s the little things in Flash that can slow you down or frustrate you. By setting up your scenes properly and using some of Flash’s hidden tricks and commands you… Read more…
Web Dev
Dave Wolfe
Swift 3D Version 5 Overview and New Feature Highlights
Electric Rain’s Swift 3D and its renowned RAVIX 3D-to-vector rendering technology is the leading 3D animation software for Adobe Flash. Award-winning designer Sr. Media Designer Jim Foley will give a… Read more…
Web Dev
Jim Foley
The Art of Frying Egg
This presentation will showcase some of Saiman Chow’s past and present works. Saiman will discuss his chosen career path as well as look ahead at some upcoming projects. Saiman has… Read more…
Saiman Chow
The Economics of Producing Original Online Content
Producing original online content is easy. Making money at it is not. In this session, we explore the economic realities of producing original online content; who’s buying, who’s selling, who’s… Read more…
Tim Jones
The Flash Animation Explosion
Award-winning TV Shows, massively popular web series, DVD feature films and a growing army of artists, the Flash animation movement is finally coming into its own. See which individuals and… Read more…
Web Dev
Aaron Simpson
The Sounds of Motion
Sound is a key factor in great motion graphic design. so we have invited L.A. based Jeff Dodson of for this presentation. Jeff is involved in several projects Onesize… Read more…
Think Big. Think Beyond.
The web has solidified it’s place in society as a mass media. Broadband has changed the way we communicate. Web sites are becoming bigger than the TV campaigns they were… Read more…
Jason Zada
Understanding Apollo
Apollo is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being created by Adobe that will allow developers to leverage existing web technologies, such as Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax,… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Chambers
User Generated Content – Give them what they want
Online personal profile sites and user avatars are now ubiquitous and the trend is moving from user’s creating these digital representations to their seeking more and better tools to expand… Read more…
Joe Annino
Visual Effects in Commercials – Exploring the Limits
Photo-real visual effects are branching out of the Hollywood arena and can now be seen in a variety of commercials pitching campaigns as diverse as, Hair products and automobiles. Winston… Read more…
Winston Helgason
Vue on Pleix
Who is Pleix? When was Pleix born? How does Pleix work? Eric Augier & Erwin Charrier will walk through the history and development of the 7 person team that is… Read more…