FITC Hollywood 2006

2006-10-05 00:00:00 2006-10-08 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2006 With the explosion of rich media and entertainment-driven Flash content, FITC is expanding to Hollywood, the capital of entertainment and rich media, providing a direct bridge from the key content industry drivers to the masters of the best technology to deliver that content. FITC Hollywood… Hollywood FITC Hollywood



This presentation will discuss the online advertising options available today, positioning “Rich Media” as the ideal vehicle for branding. Playing up the key feature benefits of Rich Media versus its contemporary alternative mediums through personification, the presentation will clearly delineate why Rich Media is the advertising option of choice online.

Meet the players:

Mr. Rich Media: All around nice guy who’s willing to just roll with the punches. Given any variable in life, he can adapt, cold or warm, north or south, he’s comfortable. He’s approachable and courteous, doesn’t really bother anyone, but for those who do talk to him, he’s happy to discuss any topic and even get back to you later with more info. On a whole, good ole Rich is the man. He’s the guy you want to be, original, funny but yet sensitive and attentive.

Mr. Dick Media: This guy is like “King of the Geeks”, he is the coolest guy all his friends know, and yes to them, he’s a huge step up. (His friends could be interstitials, pop-ups, older forms of advertising). In the last year, he’s definitely made an effort to be more like Rich, but falling short in every way. He’s not nearly as flexible or as proactive, and quite honestly, he’s kind of cheesy. He is always 5 years late to the party, so while he does have some benefits, he’s definitely not up to the quality of guy as Rich Media. Think used car salesman guy.

Who this presentation is for:

Flash/Creative professionals and Advertising Agency professionals

What attendees will walk away with:

Attendees will walk away with understanding on the creative and technical possibilities with in rich media. They will begin to see how the introduction of variable data and other forms of data can serve not only as a content tool, but also a creative tool. Ultimately Rich Media is truly a creative outlet and should be treated as such, he’s not the guy you invite if you have an invitation left, he is one of the guys you MUST have at your party