FITC Hollywood 2006

2006-10-05 00:00:00 2006-10-08 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2006 With the explosion of rich media and entertainment-driven Flash content, FITC is expanding to Hollywood, the capital of entertainment and rich media, providing a direct bridge from the key content industry drivers to the masters of the best technology to deliver that content. FITC Hollywood… Hollywood FITC Hollywood



Jerry Chabolla co-founder and lead Flash Developer of Influxis Flash Media Server Hosting services will demonstrate and explain community applications made possible with Flash using the Flash Media Server 2 with an emphasis onEntertainment.

This demonstration will show how an interactive Flash based avatar chat can be branded to market a big Box Office movie. The avatar chat will show how images and custom design can brand the chat, giving each user that logs in a character identity from the movie. We will show how FMS allows users to share sounds, actions and movement in real-time.

Who this presentation is for:

-Niche / Cutting Edge Flash developers interested in the Flash Media Server
-Those Interested in Themed Communication Advertising
-Those Interested in the Possibilities of Flash Client/Server Applications

Topics covered:

-Themed Communication Advertising using the Flash Media Server
-Interactive branding
-Community chat
-Live many-to-many interactivity
-Persistent shared objects
-use battle animations as example for shared objects Incorporating User-Supplied media in real-time -mp3 sounds and flv streams -use recorder/playback feature for example -Live audio/video