Aaron Simpson is a native of Detroit, Michigan and he currently serves as Vice President of Interactive at JibJab Media. Prior to joining JibJab, Aaron was a producer for Warner Bros. Animation’s Flash-animated series COCONUT FRED’S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND. Producing more than a dozen development shorts for Warner Bros. Animation, Aaron helped to develop two series the Studio debuted on KidsWB! during the 2005-2006 season of COCONUT FRED’S FRUIT SALAD ISLAND and JOHNNY TEST.

Aaron has been producing Flash animation since 2001, starting with JORGE R. GUTIERREZ’ EL MACHO, an online series of shorts for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. At Sony, Aaron served as Senior Producer of Original Content, where he helped architect a forward-thinking entertainment portal called Screenblast. Much like many efforts attempted on the internet in 2000, Screenblast was ahead of it’s time, putting the power of entertainment creation in the hands of both novice and expert users.

Aaron is also the founder and editor of Cold, Hard Flash (coldhardflash.com), the only daily source for Flash animation news in the world.