FITC Hollywood 2006

2006-10-05 00:00:00 2006-10-08 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Hollywood 2006 With the explosion of rich media and entertainment-driven Flash content, FITC is expanding to Hollywood, the capital of entertainment and rich media, providing a direct bridge from the key content industry drivers to the masters of the best technology to deliver that content. FITC Hollywood… Hollywood FITC Hollywood



Back in the early days of Flash, ActionScript was easy. You opened up the IDE, drew some shapes, typed some code, and hit Control-Enter. Voila! A masterpiece. What you could do was limited, but some pretty incredible stuff was created.

Now, with ActionScript 3.0, we have speed and power that we only could have dreamed of back then. But for the newcomer, it is pretty daunting. Packages, namespaces, classes, public, private, protected, override, event listeners, display lists, etc. Where do you start? There’s a lot of info out there on using Flex 2 to develop rich internet applications, but what about just moving an object sround the screen?

In this session, Keith will show you the basics of coding animation in AS3 and what has changed. How to get import graphics into a movie, use the drawing API, these new things called “sprites”, the display list and using events for animation.

Who this presentation is for:
Newcomers to AS3, (basic AS 1 or 2 experience is helpful), or anyone who wants to understand animation in AS3.

What attendees walk away with:
The goal is to demystify the new language and give some rules of thumb and strategies for using AS3 to code animation.