Jared is a designer, futurist & artist. He was a founding partner at argodesign and is one of four frog design fellows. He has been working at the intersection of humans and technology for over two decades with a focus on innovative technologies or unconventional interfaces such as voice, gesture or multi-modal interaction.

His design creedo is Think by Making and he has designed products for clients like HP, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Harman Kardon and many more. He spent 3 years leading a strategic design partnership with Magic Leap, helped design the Voice and Gesture interface of the Xbox On and has published many vision pieces on Interactive Light.

Jared also is an Interactive Artist having directed the SXSW Interactive Opening party. His pieces provoke an examination of technology vs humanism have been activated around the world including in Black Rock City home of the social experiment known as Burning Man. He speaks international about Design, Art & Technology and was the first person to bring live fire onto the TED stage in his talk “Eyes Can Hear”