FITC San Francisco 2010

2010-08-17 00:00:00 2010-08-20 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC San Francisco 2010 FITC San Francisco is the ONLY event in the world to bring together Colin Moock, Yugo Nakamura, Jared Ficklin, Erik Natzke, Kyle Cooper, Jeremy Clark from WIRED Mag, Kevin Lynch, Ben Fry and over 60 other presenters all under one roof. With the most unique… San Francisco FITC San Francisco



This presentation will look at Sound Visualization in Flash from five perspectives: in Real Time, Without Time, Rendered, in Society and in Nature. Jared will present many new examples to drive inspiration and learning. The time will be spent building on the basics of Sound Visualization taking compute spectrum, finding new ways to use the data, finding new places to get data and ultimately pushing the experience past the four corners of the screen. There will be plenty of influence from and discussion of creative arts and the laws of physics.

There may or may not be smoke, fire, lasers & non-newtonian fluids. There will be lots of examples of many types of Sound Visualization. There will be some code samples. There will not be any code walk through, unless by popular uprising.

Creative Coders & Designers interested sound, music, digital art and interactive installations.

Ideas, some great starting points, some enabling code and patterns.