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I am a carbon based lifeform made up of about 37.2 Trillion cells. In storage I keep about 7 Trillion Bytes of personal data. I have 17.2 Billion neurons dedicated to memory while the big five store another 27 Billion bytes of data and memories for me.

I shed 40,000 skin cells a day. I shed a half billion or so bytes per day. I spend about 9 waking hours per day in front of a digital screen.

A lot of that time dedicated towards further reducing the friction of living a Digital Lifestyle. I own 4 household robots. Computers lock the door to my house, turn on and off the lights & control the temperature. My handheld computer has 15 Billion transistors which it uses to make sure I spell lifeform correctly. Which apparently I didn’t. Some act of biological protest I guess.

Well anyhow, Hello from Meta.Me! I have some things to tell you about future of humanity…