FITC Toronto 2021

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Spatial computing has arrived.

Yes, the hype arrived first. But the next pattern of computing is now a dev kit you can buy, use, and develop for. This means that our digital lifestyles will join us in the physical world, following in the footsteps of pocket monsters and ARKits. Is this going to be a huge leap, or just a transition from hand-held mobile to wearable mobile?

Let’s discuss.

This session is a near- to far-term exploration of the purpose and reality of spatial computing heavily influenced by wearable mixed reality computers, like Magic Leap One. For Jared, this isn’t just a presentation– it’s a resonant space reflecting on what we can do today, what we will do tomorrow, and how we can find value and meaning in what we create.


Luxuriate in the future now of spatial computing

Target Audience

Those who thought Tron got it wrong because it is the programs that get out, not the user that gets in

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Has used a mobile handheld computer one or more times

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What are opportunities now and in the future?
  2. How much will this change computing and how much should I adapt?
  3. What are the keystone values of spatial computing?
  4. What is not hype?
  5. More hype?