Join us for this free 45-minute ONLINE presentation by Jared Ficklin, Chief Creative Technologist, Argodesign, followed by a Q&A session with your host Kim Alpert.

The glossy futuristic concept piece came to product design from the traditions of industrial design. For much of his career at argodesign and before at frog design, Jared has been involved in transforming the industrial design concept piece into broader vision pieces inclusive of digital design and user experience. This talk will go over the what, how & why of that work, which some now include in the category of futurism. Driven by the many examples of his past pieces, Jared will discuss how they are created and why he invested time and money into them. He will also talk about how the techniques used to create these thought pieces can also be used as part of the design practice.


Target Audience

Anyone in or near the design industry, marketing, advertising, those who love futurism or a good concept piece!


Assumed Audience Knowledge

You should have traveled in time at least once as yourself or as an assistant to a time lord.