Spotlight Spatial Design

2024-06-25 00:00:00 2024-06-26 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight Spatial Design Join us for a full day of sessions on Spatial Design. Online FITC ET Online

Behind the Scenes: Designing an Apple Vision Pro Experience Fans Love
Join us to hear from Eric Hanson, Vice President of Digital at PGA TOUR, and Work & Co Design Partner Derek Fridman, as they share their collaboration to a day-one… Read more…
Exploring Mars: UI/UX Design For Spatial Computing
Join Krys as she shares the dramatic tale of a small but mighty team’s quest to create an app for the Apple Vision Pro – a month before the device… Read more…
Spatial Computing Collaboration UX/UI
Krys Blackwood
The Craft of Stories Through Spatial Design
Discover how spatial design is revolutionizing storytelling. Join Nexus Studios’ Head of Immersive, Pablo Colapinto, as he takes a deep dive into his work with Headspace, MLB, Gorillaz, and even… Read more…
Pablo Colapinto
Nexus Studios
The Future of Spatial Design
Join Ramona Pringle and a few of our esteemed speakers as we delve into what the future of Spatial Design holds. Read more…
Creativity Spatial Computing Panel
Vision for Visionaries: Design in AR
The design world is in the midst of a paradigm shift: from screens to spatial. With Augmented Reality (AR), traditional limitations are dissolving, giving way to a new era of… Read more…
AR Process Wearables
Joel Krieger
Magic Leap