Web Unleashed 2016

2016-10-03 00:00:00 2016-10-05 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2016 If you're a front-end developer, or aspire to be one, then you know how quickly the space changes. By attending Web Unleashed, you will get up-to-date on the skills to push you ahead in your career. Toronto FITC Toronto


MIDI is Staging a Comeback… in Your Browser!

Jean-Philippe Côté
Lecturer & Creative Technologist, TangibleJS
Observables: Powerful Tools for Async

Alex Wilmer
Software Developer, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Jedi Principles of UI Animation

Kit Oliynyk
Senior UX Advisor, Fannie Mae
CSS Layout Techniques: Replacing Floats With Flexbox

Bermon Painter
Global Innovation & Design Leader, Slalom
Creating Beautiful, Accessible and User-Friendly Forms

Clarissa Peterson
UX Designer, clarissapeterson.com
Design & Front-End: Couples Therapy

Liam Oscar Thurston
Sr. Director, User Experience, Loblaw Digital
Distributing UI Libraries in a Post-Web-Component World

Rachael L Moore
Senior UI Engineer, OpenTable
Embrace Conflict. Improve Collaboration

Bermon Painter
Global Innovation & Design Leader, Slalom
Friendly Ghost Stories: Using CasperJS to Automate the Web

Engin Arslan
Front-End Developer, Myplanet
Front-End Developers Can Make Games, Too!

Alicia Sedlock
Web Developer, Society of Grownups
Getting Started With Jekyll for Static Sites

Brian Rinaldi
Developer Experience Engineer, LaunchDarkly
Help Wanted: Using UX to Your Advantage

Mariah Hay
VP of Product, Help Scout
Level Up Your Design and Development Team SVG Workflow

Robyn Larsen
Front End Developer, International Growth @ Shopify
Need For Speed: Tips to Optimize Your Website

Anne Thomas
Lead Developer, Out of the Sandbox
Once Upon a Drop Cap: A Look at Typography as UX

Jason Pamental
Principal Designer,  Chewy.com
Process Hacking With Rangle Flow

Yuri Takhteyev
CTO, Rangle.io
Prototyping for Speed and Scale

Carl Sziebert
Senior Staff UX Manager, Google
Real World React Debugging

Jared Forsyth
Developer, Khan Academy
Service Workers For Everyone!

Ryan Christiani
UX Developer Lead, Shopify
Stakeholder Experience Design

Mike Costanzo
UX and UI Design Lead, Rangle.io
The Humans Are Dead, We Are All Bots Now

Tommy Lewis
Technical Evangelism Manager, Microsoft Canada
Web Developers, Please Meet… The Physical World!

Jean-Philippe Côté
Lecturer & Creative Technologist, TangibleJS
What Pokemon Go and Smart Kitchens Taught Us About Design

Ron Edelen
Partner + Design Director, Myjive
What The Heck is WebAssembly, And Do I Have to Learn C Now?

Dan Callahan
Staff Software Engineer, Developer Relations, Mozilla
The Evolution and Future of Content Publishing

Haris Mahmood
Engineer, Shopify
Thinking Outside The Little Black Box: Interaction Design in The Post-Mobile Era

Jonathan Stark
Mobile Strategy Consultant , jonathanstark.com
Increasing Effectiveness As A Technical Candidate/Interviewer

Kyle Simpson
Human-Centric Technologist, Getify
A Day in The Life of a Developer Bo$$

Dyanna Zaidman
Talent Scout, Creative Niche
Seductive Platform: Building Tooling Teams Love To Use

Scott Biggart
Senior Software Engineer, Uber
Taking Audio to The Next Level With HTML5

Lana Phillips
Technical Evangelist, Dolby
Extending JS

Francis Bourre
Software Architect, Docler Holding
Life API: Using Personal Data For Life Gains And Well Being

Jane Kim
Front End Engineer, BaubleBar
DownTheRabbitHole.js – How to Stay Sane in an Insane Ecosystem

Branden Hall
CEO/Maker, Automata Studios
CSS Variables: var(–subtitle)

Lea Verou
Instructor & Researcher, MIT
Browser Internals for JS Devs

Alexander Blom
Partner, Isle of Code
Performance: Beyond Your Portfolio

Luke DeWitt
Director of Web Services, REDspace
Easy Data for PhoneGap Apps With PouchDB

Holly Schinsky
Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe
The Tangible Web

Branden Hall
CEO/Maker, Automata Studios

Haris Mahmood
Engineer, Shopify
Start Using ES6 Today

Wes Bos
Full Stack Web Developer & Designer, wesbos.com
Ionic 2: Your First @App

Mike Hartington
Developer Advocate, Ionic
Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners Of Front-End

Vitaly Friedman
Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine
Building Up Without Burning Out

Alicia Sedlock
Web Developer, Society of Grownups
JavaScript Speech Recognition

Simon MacDonald
Head of Developer Experience, Begin
Building Interactive npm Command Line Applications

Irina Shestak
Development Team Lead, Small Media Foundation
Slaying the Dragon: Refactoring CSS Using Sass

Alicia Liu
Senior Software Engineer, Coach.me
Building Enterprise Grade Front-End Applications With JavaScript Frameworks

Chad Upton
Senior Consultant, DEV6
Angular 2 Design Patterns

Rob McDiarmid
Software Developer, Wealthsimple