Web Unleashed 2016
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Learn how you can use speech recognition effectively in the browser and on mobile platforms. We’ll discuss what is speech recognition, go over the current state of the W3C Web Speech API specification including which which vendor’s have implemented pieces of the specification. Learn how to smooth over those inconsistencies and contrast this with the native implementation of speech recognition on Android and iOS. Live demo’s on how to use speech recognition for dictation, querying the web for answers and translating English to other languages will be performed with full source code available after the presentation.


Learn how to add speech recognition capabilities to your web application

Target Audience

Developers who are looking to add multi-modal or accessibility features to their web applications.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Knowledge of JavaScript

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. The basics of speech recognition
  2. The status of the W3C Speech API
  3. How to recognize speech using JavaScript
  4. And respond using Text To Speech (TTS)
  5. How to ployfil speech recognition into mobile browsers