Web Unleashed 2016
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Following a good process can make a huge difference for a success of a software project. At Rangle.io we have had an lucky opportunity to refine our approach to software delivery by applying it to a large number of projects over the last three years. In this talk I will share our experiences and describe the process that we have arrived on, which is based on Scrum, continuous delivery, agile testing, and lean UX.


To share Rangle.io’s experiences in developing our software delivery process.

Target Audience

Managers, scrum masters, developers, testers, UX designers.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

General familiarity with the common challenges experienced in the process of building software.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Why continuous delivery is key
  • How Scrum supports continuous delivery
  • The role of good git practices
  • How to approaching testing in an agile process
  • How to integrate UX design with Scrum