Web Unleashed 2016
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JavaScript has always had a special place on the web, until now. Last year, every major browser vendor joined together in forming a W3C Community Group to collaborate on “a new, portable, size and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web”. They called it WebAssembly, and it’s already begun landing in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Suddenly, JS isn’t the only game in town: programs will be written in C, compiled to WebAssembly, and run faster than JavaScript ever could. Is this the end? Do we all have to learn C? Come to the talk and find out!


Prepare web developers for a future in which browsers natively support many languages, not just JavaScript.

Target Audience

JavaScript developers

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Fluency in at least one programming language.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Why browser vendors decided to create an alternative to JavaScript
  2. How WebAssembly differs from JavaScript, Asm.js, Native Client (NaCl), and plugins
  3. What WebAssembly is, and what its roadmap looks like
  4. How to get started with WebAssembly
  5. The impact that WebAssembly will have on web development throughout the next 5 years