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Computer Graphics 2020 Update
David is going to talk about his recent experience with AR – how he got into it, discovered making it work in the 3rd person, and go into depth about… Read more…
AR Art Innovation
David OReilly
Filmmaker and Artist,
Creating Socially Awkward Wearables
Stephanie is an introvert. This can be a bit unfortunate when you are a person that enjoys spending a lot of free time creating fashion things bedazzled with LEDs… only… Read more…
Machine Learning Social Innovation Wearables
Stephanie Nemeth
Software Engineer, Microsoft To Do
Design Science
Design is often perceived as subjective creation and decision-making, but great design is rigorous and has strong methods applied in systematic ways. Like experimental science, design is the systematic exploration… Read more…
Design Interaction Strategy
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Everydays: Live With Beeple
Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, has been posting an everyday without fail for over 11 years. How does he do it?  Where do his ideas come from? Will he ever stop?… Read more…
Collaboration Design Process
Designer/Director, Beeple
From Screen to Space
On recent years, creative digital media has been experimenting a deep transformation. From the first on-screen graphics to the latest pixel-mapping installations, audiovisual languages have exceeded the square boundaries of… Read more…
Art Creative Code Experiential
Playmodes Studio
Full Circle
Australian digital artist Justin Maller has been creating for over twenty years. This presentation dives in to the massive body of work he produced over two decades, discussing the projects,… Read more…
Collaboration Failure Storytelling
Justin Maller
Chief Creative Officer / Digital Artist, DeviantArt
Like a Phoenix: Becoming a More Resilient Designer
A digital product designer’s story of failure, self-empowerment, and redemption. Over the span of two years, Catt Small experienced the highs and lows of product development—all on the same team.… Read more…
Agile Design Strategy
Catt Small
Senior Product Designer, Etsy
New Age Of Renaissance: How to Integrate Art, Science, Technology & AI into Public Spaces
From the very first moments of Ouchhh’s journey as a studio, the relationship between the individual and the environment has been a main focus on how technology can inform and… Read more…
AI Experiential Machine Learning
New Media Studio, OUCHHH
New Frameworks for Creative Coding
Matt DesLauriers, an artist and freelance creative coder, explores some of the open source tools he has been building for making generative designs, physical installations, interactive games, data visualizations, video… Read more…
Creative Code Open Source Process
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Of Mouse and Man: Creative Networks and Mechanical Directors
The poetic collision of human desires and cutting-edge technology illustrate our present age with synthetic harmony and voltaic friction. However, as digital design and artificial intelligence rush into a thrilling… Read more…
AI Art Design
Christian Mio Loclair
Creative Director, Waltz Binaire
Prototyping for Stadia and the Story of Real Time Transfer
This talk presents an approach for prototyping on Google Stadia generally and about creating the Style Transfer demo for GDC 2019 (Game Developers Conference) specifically. Stadia creates unique opportunities for… Read more…
Gaming Machine Learning UX/UI
Anna Kipnis
Senior Interaction Designer, Google
Restoring Innovation on the Web Through Data
In a data-driven world, innovation requires data. Unfortunately, the way companies deal with our data today is deeply broken—and thus so is innovation. In this talk, Ruben will challenge the… Read more…
Innovation Open Source Web Dev
Ruben Verborgh
Technology Advocate, inrupt
The Divine is in the Details
Making what has never been made before is the heart of Red Paper Heart. A studio where they create lasting memories through authentic experiences Take a peek into their production… Read more…
Business Experiential Ethics
Lisa Walters
Partner and the Executive Producer, Red Paper Heart
The Future is Human: Returning to Real World Interaction
It’s easy to take for granted that the interfaces we’ve become so accustomed to onscreen – buttons, icons, cursors – rarely reflect the interactions we have in our physical environment.… Read more…
Advertising Interaction UX/UI
Beryl Chung
Creative Director, MediaMonks
Transmedia & The Attention Economy
Every hour of every day, the battle rages on for our attention. We’re constantly bombarded with media and advertising, and every app, commercial, and cinematic universe DEMANDS our full attention.… Read more…
Ethics Gaming Storytelling
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director,
Visualizing Connections
Connections are a part of us, of the world. From the connections between people, between cultures, within language, and more. In these days when more data is collected daily than… Read more…
DataViz Process Social Innovation
Nadieh Bremer
Data Visualization Designer, Visual Cinnamon
Workshop: Intro to Creative Coding with P5.js
This is a full day workshop on Sunday February 23 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. Overview Learn to make interactive websites, real-time animations, generative… Read more…
Creative Code JavaScript Workshop
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Workshop: Measuring Subjective User Experiences
This is a 1/2 day workshop on Sunday February 23 from 10:00-1:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. Attendees will practice methods from social science research to clearly define… Read more…
UX/UI Workshop
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Workshop: Real-Time, Interactive Motion Graphics with Notch
This is a full day workshop on Sunday February 23 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM and requires a WORKSHOP or WORKS ticket. Arminas Kazlauskas (Instagram) is an experienced VJ and live… Read more…
Interaction Intermediate VFX Workshop
Arminas Kazlauskas
Product Specialist, Notch
XR for Social Good … Maybe
Can we utilize extended reality (XR) technologies to create positive social impact? Are there ways that these can be leveraged to help improve our lives or address some of the… Read more…
AR Social Innovation VR
Anastasia Victor
Co-Founder / XR Designer, PLACE