Dave is an applied psychologist and UX designer. Since 2013 he’s been a design lead at Google where he and his team are responsible for the research and design of the engineering and data analysis and visualization tools necessary to plan, develop, test, release, monitor, and manage the global Android device ecosystem.

He has been studying user behaviour and designing interfaces since 1997, and combines his skills as a designer and psychologist to bring deeper insight into users’ behaviours and motivations when interacting with digital devices and interfaces.

Dave began teaching information and interaction design courses at San Francisco State University in 2001 and now focuses on seminars and classes for advanced UX methods such as journey mapping, design sprints, and the measurement of subjective experiences. He has published articles and tutorials on design methods and tools and regularly speaks at seminars and conferences.

Prior to Google, he was the Vice President of Experience Design at Fluid, where he worked with clients including The North Face, Reebok, Warner Bros., Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, and Sur La Table.

Dave lives along the Pacific coast near San Francisco and enjoys cooking, gardening, motorcycles, and travel. Ask him about that time he dug up and removed all of the lawn around his house…