Join us for this 1/2 day workshop lead by Dave Hogue, UX Design Lead, Google, (one of FITC’s all-time top rated presenters) for this intimate and hands-on online workshop which will run from 1pm to 4pm EDT (10am to 1pm PDT).  

Workshops and design sprints typically involve multiple people from varying roles and backgrounds working together to solve a shared problem. These sessions are often structured, fast, highly collaborative, with high expectations. In these situations, we need to remember that achieving goals requires distinguishing between the time people need to work alone and the time they should be working together.

We will discuss and review methods for alternating and balancing individual work time with collaborative work time. We will learn how to give individuals time to think and create (without the pressure to share, compare, and critique at the same time) and how to bring teams together. Using a few core methods to share, review, synthesize, prioritize, and decide, we will repeat this cycle as needed with another round of individual work to extend, enhance, and generate, then returning to share and collaborate.


Learn and practice methods for team and remote collaboration that balance individual work with group work and accelerate sharing, consensus, and decision-making.

Target Audience

Designers, researchers, and cross-functional team members who lead or participate in collaborative workshops and design sprints.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Background in UX or product design or research and familiarity with collaborative design and decision-making activities.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Writing effective “How might we…” statements
  2. Iterative affinity mapping (using the modified Delphi method)
  3. Using structure and flow from affinity mapping to create journeys
  4. Iterative sketching techniques
  5. Decision matrices

To bring

  • Timer (watch, phone, web app, kitchen timer…)
  • Notebook or sketchbook and favourite writing instrument
  • Phone or camera to take pictures of sketches
  • Tablet and stylus to sketch digitally