User experience and interface (UX/UI) design is still one of the fastest growing fields of web design, and the discipline is constantly changing and innovating.  From commercial and retail platforms needing to keep up with the user’s habits of scrolling and shopping on the go, to medical and scientific applications, virtual and augmented reality, and entertainment fields all looking to advance their apps and websites with an intuitive and functional user experience.

In a recent study it was seen that the average user engages in over 2,600 daily interactions with their phone, spending 145 minutes a day across 76 sessions a day.  How do you ensure your clients, customers, users, and fans all get the easiest, and most rewarding (for you and them) experience in only a few clicks, swipes, or scrolls?

Join us for this one day, one track event all about UX.

Who should attend?

This event is for mid level designers looking to learn or extend their UX skills and knowledge. Talks are all at INTERMEDIATE level.


Who is speaking?

We’ve assembled some of the leaders in this field, including: