FITC Toronto 2023 // In-Person

2023-04-17 00:00:00 2023-04-19 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2023 // In-Person Join us for a celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, digital development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC EST Toronto

More to come, check back soon.

Collective Imagination
Generative AI models like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT are trained on datasets containing billions of images and words. They are capable of rendering realistic and compelling images, sounds, and text.… Read more…
AI Art Foundations
Gene Kogan
Design The World So You Belong
This talk will explore the power and responsibility that designers hold in the third decade of the 21st century. One might say corporations informed by design thinking have lost control… Read more…
Social Good Design Inspire
Jessie McGuire
EMBODIED FUTURES: A Spa for the Senses
Fast forward 50 years into the future with multi-sensory artist Emilie Baltz as she takes us through the design and development of a Spa for the Senses at the Museum… Read more…
Emilie Baltz
Emilie Baltz
Finding Meaning In Design When Nothing Is Fine
We’re all aware: working while under duress is terrible! Especially as a designer. People often talk about design as a superpower because you can illustrate the future—and it often is… Read more…
Failure Inspire Work Better
Catt Small
All Turtles
Help for Humans
We are on the cusp of a #RealTimeInternet one where computing experiences don’t exist until we invoke them, at which point they will be generated by AI. Not just images… Read more…
Human AI Robots
Jared Ficklin
New Dimensions: The Doors of Metaverse
Innovations in display technologies continuously and rapidly evolve, growing larger and wider, immersing us with digital information everywhere from our homes to offices, public spaces and vehicles. We are holding… Read more…
Creativity AR Experiential VR
Can Büyükberber
Using EEG and AI to Create Generative Art
Generative new media and interactive digital arts have been pushing the boundaries of creation and presentation at the intersection of art, science, and technology providing a platform for new experiences… Read more…
Art DataViz Wearables
Ali Phi