Rob Kelly is a director, editor, animator, and producer. He makes videos, lots of them. For big screens and little screens. Any screens! All Screens! Rob generally finds himself operating at the intersection of creative and technical worlds in theatre, art, and video.

Rob is the cofounder of Kelly Brothers Productions, an award-winning production company that solves challenges in video, live, and hybrid environments. He produced the live show Dave Kelly Live, Canada’s own live talk variety show for 5 seasons, and a more recent online incarnation “In the Neighbourhood.” It was in these shows that Rob started creating content with Mandy Stobo that involved paint, canvas, cardboard, ipad, pre recorded video, and live projections.

His directing and producing credits include every episode of Dave Kelly Live and In the Neighbourhood, as well as hundreds of corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, and episodes of sport television. Rob has worked with brands that include the Junos, Canada’s Walk of Fame, Deloitte, Shell, CBC Sports, ATCO, and more non-profits than you can shake a stick at. Prior to his career in video and theatre, he worked in the structural steel industry, sang professionally with the Edmonton choir Pro Coro Canada, and studied electronic dance music. Rob currently sits on the board of Calgary’s professional choir Luminous Voices.

He holds a Masters Degree in Music from the University of Alberta, comes from a family of 10, and lives in Calgary with his wife Nina and daughter Alex.

Rob loves to create worlds that we can live in for a few minutes when we want a break from our day to day lives.