FITC Toronto 2022

2022-04-11 00:00:00 2022-04-14 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2022 Drive your passion to the forefront by learning the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in digital creation. Online FITC EST Online

Beeple, Ash Thorp & GMUNK
Join three of the biggest names in the industry for this conversation on art, NFTs, and more. Not to be missed.   Read more…
Creativity NFT Inspire
Carve Your Own Path In The World Of NFTs
Apes, toads and punks—and their countless clones—have taken over your feeds. But what about artists and designers who aren’t trying to be the next Bored Ape Yacht Club and just… Read more…
NFT Innovation Panel
Controlling Chaos and Wrangling Randomness
Generative artist and engineer DEAFBEEF sits down with futurist and creative director Dré Labre to discuss inspiration and process that informs digital experimentation and ways to control chaos. This talk… Read more…
Creative Code Futurism Inspire
Creating Hybrid Fantasy Worlds
Grammy-nominated music video director Andrew Thomas Huang will share his process from idea generation to treatment writing and final execution for vanguard artists such as Bjork, Thom Yorke and FKA… Read more…
Collaboration Pitching VFX
Andrew Thomas Huang
Deep Dive with Doctor Turned Podcaster Ali Abdaal
Medical dropout? Productivity maven? Affable entrepreneur? Whatever you call him, he’s the sensational Ali Abdaal. Ali has turned a part-time hobby into a thriving business: two popular podcasts (“Not Overthinking”… Read more…
Productivity influencer
Ali Abdaal
Design Systems in your Favorite Films and TV Shows
Lots of big (and little) decisions go into defining the tone of a film or tv show; Writing, Casting and Performance, Production Design, Costume Design, Editing, Color Correction, Music and… Read more…
Animation Design Film
Erin Sarofsky
Sarofsky Corp
Guided Meditation with The Quiet Company
Join Abigail Etches-Raheel of The Quiet Company, for a session to relax, refocus, and get ready for the day ahead. You will leave feeling grounded and energized. The Quiet Company… Read more…
How Did I Get Here? Life After College
It’s time to connect! Join us at the Seneca Lounge for a fun and casual “Ask me Anything” session with successful graduates from Interactive Media Design now working  in a… Read more…
How To Sell Your Designs To Stakeholders
For most of us, selling design solutions to clients or stakeholders is overwhelming. Selling is really about telling stories, a skill we all possess. In this workshop, we will explore… Read more…
Business Design Storytelling
Elizé Leborgne
Image Optimization for the NFT Marketplace
Join on ZOOM You just created the perfect NFT gallery. But it’s getting slower the more NFTs you add and the color is not as sharp as what you originally… Read more…
Interfaces For The Next Generation
Territory Studio is constantly hard at work pioneering new methods of communication with users via digital platform interfaces. It’s kind of their thing. But what are they about, really? Territory… Read more…
Film Innovation UX/UI
Marti Romances
Territory Studio
It’s Not Me, It’s You
Combating imposter syndrome is a collective responsibility as well as a personal one. This panel will take a solution-oriented approach to explore the successes and strategies that can be used… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Panel
Make NFT Great Again
Artist and Researcher Addie Wagenknecht believes NFTs are more than just cat memes and image collages. But what does that even mean? What draws people to the tribalism around crypto?… Read more…
NFT Art Business Collaboration
Addie Wagenknecht
Places I've Never Been

Make the Logo Bigger Better

Doing logo and branding work isn’t always about a big splashy start-from-scratch do-over—sometimes you just need a glow-up. Jessica Hische specializes in brand refresh work—helping companies with significant brand equity… Read more…
Branding Art Design
Jessica Hische
Meta.Me, Web3, I Think My Soul’s an NFT
I am a carbon based lifeform made up of about 37.2 Trillion cells. In storage I keep about 7 Trillion Bytes of personal data. I have 17.2 Billion neurons dedicated… Read more…
Web 3.0 Futurism
Jared Ficklin
Metaverse Needs A Different Kind Of Designer
Designers are responsible for designing a digital future equal and healthy for all humans using Web3 and experienced in the Metaverse. These meaningful technologies redefine industries and change lives by… Read more…
Web 3.0 Metaverse VR
Silka Sietsma
Play x Learn x Perform: Inside the World of VR DJ with Agora & Tribe XR
Step behind the virtual turntable and discover the world of VR DJ! Expert mixologists, aspiring DJs and lovers of all-things music and tech, come amp up your day with this… Read more…
Push, Pull and Hold
Everyone likes new things. As UXers, we’re often evaluated on new capabilities we enable, new features we design, and new products we ship. But good business relies on smart tradeoffs… Read more…
Product Design UX/UI
Matt Hryhorsky
In “Reflections”, Jen Lewin will bring the audience on a journey through her creative art and engineering process. The talk spans the entire lifecycle of a new project: from concept… Read more…
Community Climate Art
Jen Lewin
Revolution in Filmmaking
For years people have been talking about how technologies can revolutionize the media industry. That moment has finally come. Find out how the new world order and open source 3D… Read more…
Design Film Open Source
François Audouy
Space in the Mind of a Machine
If machines can “learn” or “process” individual and collective memories, can they also dream or hallucinate about them? Since 2016, Refik Anadol Studio has been conducting interdisciplinary research on the… Read more…
AI Art Collaboration Science
Refik Anadol
Refik Anadol Studio
The Future of Business is Personal Branding
Ever since the pandemic hit, we are spending even more of our professional and personal lives online. Your online presence and Personal Brand have never been more important as they… Read more…
Branding Marketing
Dot Lung
Turning Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Squeeze
Join Chris Do, CEO and founder of The Futur, in a conversation with Justin Cone, Director of Communications Strategy at BUCK, as they discuss what it takes to make it… Read more…
Creativity Entrepreneurship Interview
Chris Do
The Futur
Welcome To The Metaverse
The use of the term “Metaverse” has exploded in popular culture over the past year. But what is the Metaverse, how does it work, when will we be able to… Read more…
Web 3.0 AR VR
Jon Lax
Meta Reality Labs Design
What The Pandemic Has Taught Us
In the past two years, most of us found ourselves working alone, isolated from colleagues and friends, spending hours and hours in video meetings, and re-evaluating and re-inventing the ways… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Panel