FITC Toronto 2022

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Combating imposter syndrome is a collective responsibility as well as a personal one. This panel will take a solution-oriented approach to explore the successes and strategies that can be used to manage and mitigate imposter syndrome in organizations and throughout different career phases. Through conversation, we will hear from individuals about how they navigate bias linked to imposter syndrome in their workplaces, as well as the organizational systems that have helped and harmed them in their career journeys.


Discuss strategies and approaches that individuals can take, as well as changes that organizations can make to reduce the impact of imposter syndrome.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • How individuals experience imposter syndrome differently
  • Why some people are affected more than others by imposter syndrome
  • How organizations can change their systems and processes to reduce the prevalence of imposter syndrome
  • Techniques for combatting imposter syndrome as an individual
  • How we can support each other to reduce the effects of imposter syndrome

Target Audience

Everyone who has ever felt like an imposter, and everyone who hasn’t.