The FITC 2022 Drop

We are thrilled to drop this collection of curated artists based on the theme of emergence.

‘In the liminal space after catastrophe, the future may not look bright, but hope remains. Through creativity & innovation, a new perspective grows beyond the current reality and presents a new outlook with unlimited possibilities for our future. What will emerge? It is up to us to decide.’

Collection cover art created by Territory Studio. New to NFTs? Here’s a good overview

Emergence Artists

FITC has curated the artists below and asked them to create an original piece of digital art based on the theme ‘Emergence’.

Art is available on

Emergence Art


The FITC Twenty-Year Anniversary Collection

For over twenty years FITC has brought digital creators together, and each year, we’ve partnered with an artist to work on the creative for our flagship event FITC Toronto.

This is your chance to own a piece of FITC history (which includes a very small bit of beeple art, something most of us can’t ever afford).

This piece represents twenty years of art, featuring the posters from all twenty FITC Toronto events. Artists include: PJ Richardson, Sarofsky, beeple, Joshua Davis, Red Paper Heart, Giant Ant, Will Reid, Iamstatic, Hydro74, James White (signalnoise), MK12, James Paterson (presstube), GMUNK, Bram Timmer, Denis Lirette, Jon Lorenz, Marco Di Carlo and Eric Vardon.

1/20 editions are now available for sale on KnownOrigin

Note: We will be calculating the energy usage from this minted NFT using and purchasing Carbon offset using