Ash is a graphic designer, illustrator, artist and creative director for a multitude of media, including feature films, commercial enterprises and print. With an exceptional style of his own he has quickly gained recognition among the industry, most notably for his role as lead graphic designer for Ender’s Game and Total Recall. He’s also contributed to the design direction and concepts for Person of Interest, Prometheus, X-men First Class, the Amazing Spiderman 2 and many more titles. His work has been featured on Motionographer, ImagineFX, Kotaku and Art of VFX.

In addition to these feature projects Ash is further fueled by his internal drive to develop his own signature imprint on the industry. He directed an international team of over 30 members on the Ghost in the Shell tribute titled ‘Project 2501’. He wrote and directed the main title for OFFF Barcelona 2014 alongside acclaimed director Anthony Scott Burns. He has created feature film tribute prints for Mondo. He launched his own series of illustrations titled ‘Lost Boy’, which is in development for additional media to be announced soon.

Compelled to give back to others, Ash has traveled the globe to speak at conferences and help share his journey and industry lessons with other creatives. As creator and host of ‘The Collective’ podcasts he developed the series in an effort to connect artists together. The topics of conversation are diverse but they are always filled with great advice, humor, industry lessons learned, costly mistakes experienced or avoided and most importantly, it’s aimed to help motivate others to live out their passions (and by extension, his own).