FITC Toronto 2022

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In “Reflections”, Jen Lewin will bring the audience on a journey through her creative art and engineering process. The talk spans the entire lifecycle of a new project: from concept development, to 3D design and structural engineering analysis; then to software development and electronics assembly; and finally the installation and public launch of her large-scale interactive installations.

Reflecting on the tumultuous journey of the last two years, Lewin will share her team’s experience building and installing public works around the world. She will reflect on how both art and technology define and continue to reshape the world we live in as she details her work. This includes a 30 foot tall interactive “Aurora” that ascends through multiple floors of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport, and a 15,000 foot light playground installed in Tokyo as shelter in place descended upon the world. Finally, she’ll give a preview to her latest work, “The Last Ocean”, an interactive landscape custom manufactured using only reclaimed ocean plastic.


To inspire the creation of collaborative, participatory, community focused art.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Community matters.
  • Play is an integral part of the human experience.
  • Iteration in art and iteration in engineering is critical.
  • Hardware is hard.
  • There isn’t a defined line between Art and Technology.

Target Audience

Everyone. Seriously, if you like cool things, this one is for you.