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Blur’s Journey With The Man in The Red Suit (Not Santa…no… the OTHER Guy)
See what it took to bring DEADPOOL to the big screen, from the first attempts to its final overwhelming success. Franck will dive into the process of making the initial… Read more…
Film Process Pitching
Franck Balson
Blur Studios
Cinematics in AAA Video Games
Cinematics in AAA gaming is both volatile and hyper-iterative due to complex dependencies created by gameplay.  Open world games take that difficulty to yet another level by adding a non-linear… Read more…
Gaming Pitching Storytelling
David Footman
Design vs Hustle
The way Mike sees it, every pitch or treatment needs to be approached as a design project in itself. Often the ‘tone-of-voice’ of a presentation deck is as important as… Read more…
Design Pitching
Mike Alderson
Lessons from the Upside Down
We’ve all sat on one side of a pitch, praying our dongle will work and trying to read impossible poker faces, but what happens when you visit a parallel universe… Read more…
Business Inspire Pitching
Magical Realism; Making Styleframes for Installations
If you are pitching an interesting idea for an interactive installation, it means you have no idea what you’re doing.  None of us should, if the installation we are proposing… Read more…
Design Experiential Pitching
Zander Brimijoin
Red Paper Heart
Pass the Xanax: Pitching from Outside Your Comfort Zone
You can feel the jitters even before you start the process. The idea is wild, crazy, maybe something close to impossible to articulate without resorting to 3D-printing some Rube Goldberg… Read more…
Innovation Inspire Pitching
Pitches, Bitches!
Oscar and Emmy-nominated director PES talks about his life in pitching commercials. In particular he’ll talk about how the pitching process has evolved for him since he first started directing… Read more…
Animation Pitching Storytelling
PES Films
Pitching Commercials vs Pitching Series
Dan and Jason love making commercials. The compressed schedules, small teams and the ability to try out innovative animation styles creates an electrifyingly creative atmosphere.  It’s a rush. But it’s… Read more…
Animation Pitching Storytelling
Dan & Jason
Pitching To The Fortune 500: The Secrets of Selling Client Direct
While ad agencies and cable stations have standard pitching best practices and processes, walking into the boardroom of a Fortune 500 can feel like the Wild West.  Learn how to… Read more…
Business Pitching Work Better
Elizabeth Kiehner
Style Me A Story
Humans are distinct from the rest of the animal continuum with our complex communication, narratives, storytelling, and world creating.  We gather around the campfire absorbing tales.  We read books to… Read more…
Design Pitching Storytelling
Adina Sales
Synergy, Collaboration, and Avoiding The “Epic Failure”
In the constantly evolving world of advertising and filmmaking, it can be hard to keep up. Often time’s companies fall victim to attempting to be a “jack of all trades,… Read more…
Collaboration Pitching Work Better
Shannon Lewis
Passion Animation Studios
Kibwe started on the path to directing when he was about 13. Directing for him feels like a combination of all life’s experiences regurgitated in moving image and sound. He… Read more…
Film Inspire Storytelling
Kibwe Tavares
Under Pressure: The Art of Making Gems
This will be a jolting journey through the highs and lows of Tendril’s many pitch experiences. Drawing from the full gamut of the studio’s pitching tales, Tendril will take you… Read more…
Process Pitching Storytelling
Viceland: Losing = Winning
In mid-2015 Gretel pitched for the branding of Viceland, the linear culture channel being launched by Vice. Vice is the fastest growing youth media brand in the world. It was… Read more…
Design Failure Pitching
Win Together, Lose Together
No matter what side of the tracks you’re on ­– vendor or client – chances are there is little you truly know about what it’s like on the other side.… Read more…
Business Pitching
Steve Viola
FX Networks