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We’ve all sat on one side of a pitch, praying our dongle will work and trying to read impossible poker faces, but what happens when you visit a parallel universe and the tables are turned? This year Dave and Gabe had a glimpse into their own Upside Down reality when they tasked their employees to pitch them a technology to solve the issue of food waste in the U.S. After judging 14 pitches in two and a half hours, there were some definitive do’s, don’t’s and Demogorgons that they need to share.


If you liked Stranger Things and ever wondered what it’s like to be pitched to, this is the talk for you.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. To set good vibes early
  2. To not regurgitate the brief
  3. That insights have to be insightful
  4. To not waste people’s time
  5. That the saying TGIF applies to pitches